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Top Baby Names of 2012

Baby names and naming traditions have continuously changed throughout the course of time. The top names of 2012 consist of common first names such as Mason, Emma, Ethan, and Olivia. Sophia and Liam have also ranked in the top 5 of the 40 most common baby names of 2012. It is sometimes easy for parents to disregard the names towards the bottom of the list.

Here on, we believe that every name is unique and can hold a special in your family, or others across the world. From Spanish baby names to French-inspired names, Greek baby names, and beyond, you name it, we have mentioned it. Check out this list of baby names found at the bottom of the list of the top baby names of 2012.


Eli (Hebrew): Ascend; my God
Evan (Hebrew): God is gracious
Hunter (English): Hunter; one who hunts
Tyler (English): Tile maker; tile layer


Gabriella (Hebrew): God is my might
Leah (Hebrew): Weary
Stella (Latin): Star
Victoria (Latin): Conqueror; victory


A Little Riddle to Remember

[30 days has September,
April, June and November
All the rest have 31
And February’s great with 28
And Leap Year’s fine with 29]

For those of you who are having trouble remembering which of the 12 months have only 30 days and which have 31, here is a riddle that will help you remember.

For a parent expecting a child in the month of May, starting tomorrow, here are a few names that will bring about the upcoming summer months!


Derek (English): The ruler of the tribe- In honor of baseball season
Dylan (Welsh): Son of the sea
Ellis (English): Form of Elias, meaning “Jehovah is my God”
Orlando (Spanish): From the renowned land


Brooklyn (Dutch): Broken land
Helena (Greek): Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Jenny (Welsh): One who is fair; a beautiful girl
May (Latin): Born during the month of May


Baby Names Quite Opposite of an April Fool

For a baby born in April, the last thing you will want people to do is compare your child to a fool. Choosing a name with nearly impossible spelling and pronunciation will not only sound foolish, it will be difficult for your child to learn. Simple is boring unless it is done correctly. The best sounding names are sometimes the ones with least amount of syllables and letters. The list below is simplistic yet intrinsic and will inherently grow with your child throughout the years.


Alex (English): Form of Alexander, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”
Dustin (English/German): From a dusty area/a courageous warrior
Owen (Gaelic): Form of Eugene, meaning “a wellborn man”
Sean (Irish): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”


Carla (Latin): Feminine form of Carl; a free woman
Kimberly (English): Of the royal fortress
Layla (Arabic): Dark
Sara (Hebrew): Princess; lady; in the Bible, wife of Abraham


National Black History Month

February marks the beginning of Black History Month, recognizing the history of the African heritage in countries such as the United States and Canada. In 1926, historian Carter G. Woodson had a goal to inform the public of African American history including culture and lifestyle through a week long dedication. If you are expecting within the month of February and proud of your heritage, here are a few names that might interest you for your soon-to-be.


Jackson (English): The son of Jack or John
Jamal (Arabic): A handsome man
Terence (Latin): From the ancient Roman clan
Tyrone (Gaelic): From Owen’s land


Adaya (Hebrew): Precious charm of God
Ebony (Egyptian): A dark beauty
Halle (English): From the field of hay
Shantelle (American): Form of Chantal, meaning “A beautiful singer”


Chinese New Year: Year of the Dragon

The most important holiday of the year in China is the celebration of the Chinese New Year. This year, the Dragon will be celebrated in honor of the festivities. The New Year in China is known as the “Spring Festival” and marks the end of the winter season. The dragon is believed to be a mythical creature that brings with it optimism and hope for times ahead. Of the 12 signs of the zodiac, the dragon is deemed the most powerful, being associated with high energy and prosperity. For a powerful and prosperous name for your soon-to-be consider the following baby names:


Andrew (Greek): Strong and manly
Brian (Irish): Strong; virtuous; humble
Ethan (Hebrew): Strong; firm
Harvey (French): Battle worthy


Audrey (English): Noble strength 
Imara (Kiswahili): Firm
Neima (Hebrew): Strong
Valencia (Spanish): Brave; strong


Why is Wednesday, January 18th Special?

The 18th day of the month does not often fall on a Wednesday. In 2005, the 18th day of the month only fell on a Wednesday one time throughout the entire year. In 2009, Wednesday the 18th occurred three times and will again occur three times this year. If you are expecting a child or hoping to expand your family within the year 2012, you have a 2 out of 12 chance that your child will be born on Wednesday the 18th from now until December.

Here are a few names that you might like for your mysterious and magical soon-to-be.


Camden (Gaelic): From the winding valley
Corbin (English): Resembling a raven
Marlow (English): Resembling driftwood
Tavi (Aramaic): A good man


Drea (Greek): Form of Andrew, meaning “womanly; courageous and strong”
Jersey (English): From one of the Channel Islands
Kai (Hawaiian): Woman of the sea
London (English): From the capital of England


Friday the 13th: Names with a Negative Connotation

Superstition has some people watching their every move today and they are not the only ones who fear the unlucky number 13. High rise hotels across the nation offer accommodations from the 1st to the 12th floor and from the 14th floor, up. As many realists point out; people on the 14th floor really know what floor they are staying on but hotels still avoid the number “13.” 

The phobia of Friday the 13th can be dated back to the 19th century and continues today. News headlines featuring spooky articles are written any time a Friday lands on the 13th day of the month. The last Friday the 13th fell on May 13th of 2011. Here are a few baby names to avoid when deciding on a name for your soon-to-be. A negative connotation may be placed on these names because of the movies they were starred in such as the unforgettable and bone chilling Hannibal Lecter and the classic horror story, The Exorcist.


Damien (Greek): One who tames or subdues others -The Omen
Freddy (German): Form of Frederick, “a peaceful ruler” -A Nightmare on Elm Street
Hannibal (Hebrew): Having the grace of Baal – Hannibal Lecter
Jason (Hebrew/Greek): God is my salvation/a healer; in mythology, the leader of the Argonauts -Friday the 13th


Carrie (Latin): Feminine form of Charles; “a joyous song; a small, strong woman” -Carrie
Helen (Greek): The shining light -The Candyman
Regan (Gaelic): Born into royalty; the little ruler -The Exorcist
Rosemary (Latin/English): The dew of the sea/resembling a bitter rose -Rosemary’s Baby


Peculiar People Day

January 10th is National Peculiar People Day. Take time to think of the peculiar people you have met throughout life. What made them peculiar? Every person is unique in their own way and your new bundle of joy will be one of a kind, too! Give your baby a fun and spunky name that will make them stand out amongst the rest. In honor of National Peculiar People Day, here are a few uncommon names that may actually appeal to you:


Birch (English): From the birch tree
Day (American): Born during the daylight
Malik (Arabic): The sovereign
Thornton (English): From the town of thorn bushes


Cornelia (Latin): Feminine form of Cornelius; referring to a horn
Lileah (Latin): Resembling a Lily
Tullia (Irish): One who is peaceful
Verena (German): Protector and defender


New Year Babies around the Nation

As we approach the second week of 2012, let’s take time to look back on the New Year. There were quite a few babies born within the wee hours of the morning New Years day and the list is finally out! Check out the names of the babies born state-by-state from midnight through the morning.


Akier (African): A brave man -12:18 a.m. Pennsylvania
Tucker (English): One who makes garments -12:00 a.m. Missouri
Wesley (English): From the Western meadow -12:20 a.m. Arkansas
Wyatt (English): Having the strength of a warrior -12:52 a.m. North Dakota


Adelyn (German): Of the nobility; serene; of good humor – 12:46 a.m. Kansas
Carolyn (Latin): Feminine form of Charles; a joyous song; a small, strong woman -12:02 a.m. Connecticut
Kristiana (English): Form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ” -12:03 a.m. Louisiana
Rania (Hebrew): A lovely singer; a queenly woman – 12:00 a.m. New York


January 5th is National Bird Day

Okay, maybe this is a crazy approach to naming your soon-to-be but inspiration can be found in many different ways. Check back daily with the Baby Name Registry for fun and unique ways to choose the perfect name for your child.

National Bird Day is celebrated every year on January 5th. Even if you do not have a particular interest in birds, do something fun and find out what your states national bird is. It will be interesting to find out simple facts about your state and you might learn something you never knew! In honor of National Bird Day, here are a few names derived from our feathery friends flying high above.


Birtle (English): From the bird hill
Falco (Latin): Resembling a falcon; one who works with falcons
Jay (Latin/Sanskrit): Resembling a jaybird; one who is victorious
Oriole (Latin): Resembling the gold-speckled bird


Fallon (Irish): A commanding woman
Raven (English): Resembling a blackbird; a dark and mysterious beauty
Robin (English): Form of Roberta, meaning “one who is bright with fame’; resembling the red-breasted songbird
Scarlet (English): Vibrant red color; a vivacious woman