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“N” Names for November Babies

Beginning to speak and spell are two obstacles that your child will stumble upon within the early years of his/her life. Because November might be difficult to remember, spell, or say while your child is learning their abc’s and syllables, do not make this any more strenuous by giving them a lengthy name. Here are a few names that begin with “N” and have three syllables to make both their name and the month in which they were born a bit easier to remember.


Nathaniel (Hebrew): A gift from God
Nicholas (Greek): Of the victorious people
Nikiti (Native American): Having a smooth or round head
November (American): Born in the month of November


Nadia (Slavic): One who is full of hope
Natalie (Latin): Born on Christmas Dar; refers to Christ’s birthday
Natasha (Russian): Form of Natalie, meaning “born on Christmas Day”
Nicolette (Greek): Feminine form of Nicholas; of the victorious people