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Patriotic Baby Names






How better to celebrate the Fourth of July than with an Independence Day baby? Break out the red, white and blue party poppers! If you’re stuck on choosing a baby name, you might be considering giving your little one a name that is a piece of history. Some of these names are a bit old school, but have the unique sound that is popular for baby names right now. While you’re trying to keep “Baby, you’re a firework” out of your head from Katy Perry, celebrate the holiday with a bang!

If you’re due on or around to the Fourth of July, here are some patriotic names to consider for your baby girl or boy.

Gloria (Latin): A renowned and highly praised woman
Liberty (English): An independent woman; Having freedom
Betsy (Hebrew): Nickname for Elizabeth; God is a vow
Abigail (Hebrew): The source of a father’s joy

Benjamin (Hebrew): Son of the south; Son of the right hand
Lewis (German): A famous warrior
Thomas (Greek): One of twins
Carter (English): One who transports goods; One who drives a cart