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Baby Names Inspired by the 90’s!

Your soon-to-be may not have been around to experience the 1990’s but you were! Close your eyes and think of the television shows that rocked the nation like Boy Meets World, Kenan & Kel, and Saved by the Bell. Below is a list of names prominent in 90’s television shows that would suit your new addition perfectly!


Cory (Irish): From the hollow; of the climbing waters-Boy Meets World
Ross (Gaelic): From the headland-Friends
Tommy (Aramaic): One of twins-Rugrats
Zack (Hebrew): Form of Zachary, meaning “The Lord remembers”-Saved by the Bell


Kelly (Irish): A lively and bright-headed woman-Saved by the Bell
Patricia (English): Feminine form of Patrick; of noble descent-Doug
Phoebe (Greek): A bright; shining woman-Friends
Topanga (Native American): Where the mountain meets the sea-Boy Meets World