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Baby Names for Every Age

Newborn baby names grow up to become professional adult names. While it’s easy to imagine your baby with the name you’ve chosen now, can you imagine your child responding to the same name as an adult? If you name your baby girl Maisie, can she grow up to be a successful doctor? Many of us have gone through school knowing classmates with very adult sounding names, like Barbara, but some adults are left with very childish sounding names, like Cody. It’s difficult enough to make a list of baby names you like, but even more difficult to imagine those names growing up and being successful—especially since there’s a good chance you haven’t even met the person yet. If the baby name debate is still something you’re trying to decide, check out this list of names that will work young and old.

John (Hebrew): God is gracious; In the Bible, one of the Apostles
Brandon (English): From the broom or gorse hill
Eric (Scandinavian): Ever the ruler
Jack (English): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”

Melanie (Greek): A dark-skinned beauty
Jane (Hebrew): God is gracious
Julie (Latin): One who is youthful; Daughter of the sky
Claire (Latin): Famously bright