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A.P.R.I.L Baby Names

As we near the final week of the month, April showers will begin to taper off as the long awaited May flowers begin to blossom. Welcoming a baby during the spring months can make this time even more memorable.

If you are pregnant, take in the sweet scents of the flowers that surround you and consider choosing a name that will remind you of this time during your pregnancy. Selecting a name for your soon-to-be should be fun and stress-free. Here is a list that is sure to please any parent and forever remind you of spring!

A: Addison (English): Daughter of Adam
P: Patton (English): From the town of warriors
R: Regina (Latin): A queenly woman
I: Isabel (Spanish): Form of Elizabeth, meaning “My God is bountiful”
L: Lucian (Latin): Surrounded by light

[The shortened version of this name is great for a baby boy. Celebrity parents Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie named their newest addition Luca!]


Emancipation Day in the United States

If you are wondering what might be special about April 16th, wonder no more! April16th is a holiday in Washington DC which marks the anniversary of the signing of the Emancipation Act. Abraham Lincoln, the sixteenth president of the United States, signed the Act on April 16th in 1862.

A series of events occur throughout the month of April including exhibitions, public discussions, presentations of historic documents, and concerts to name a few.

Other events that occur on April 16th, 2012 include Patriot’s Day and Orthodox Easter Monday.

For a baby born during the month of April, here are a few names that honor historical figures throughout the United States history.


Alexander (Greek): Helper and defender of mankind -Alexander Graham Bell: Inventor of the telephone
Eli (Hebrew): One who has ascended -Eli Whitney: Invented the Cotton Gin
Roger (German): A famous spearman  -Roger Williams: Founder of Rhode Island
Samuel (Hebrew): God has heard -Samuel Adams: Founding Father


Eleanor (Greek): Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light” -Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady
Elizabeth (Hebrew): My God is bountiful -Elizabeth Cady Stanton: American Women’s Suffrage
Mary (Latin/Hebrew): Star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness -Mary Fields: The Postal Service
Virginia (Latin): One who is chaste; virginal -The London Company: First Permanent English Settlement


“A” Names for an April Baby

If you or someone you know is expecting a child in the month of April, consider using a name that begins with “A.” There are many options to choose from and learning to spell will be much easier, especially when they begin to recognize the similarity between the letters in their name and the month in which they were born. For your little sunshine born in April, here is a list of “A” names to suit your new addition, perfectly!


Aaron (Hebrew): One who is exalted; from the mountain of strength
Aidan (Irish): A fiery young man
Andrew (Greek): Manly; a warrior
Austin (English): Form of August, meaning “one who is venerable, majestic”


Aislin (Irish): A dream or vision; an inspiration
Alaina (French): Beautiful and fair woman
Andrea (Greek): Courageous and strong; helper and defender of mankind

What would “A” names for April be without actually using the name April?

April (English): Opening buds of spring; born in the month of April


Baby Names Quite Opposite of an April Fool

For a baby born in April, the last thing you will want people to do is compare your child to a fool. Choosing a name with nearly impossible spelling and pronunciation will not only sound foolish, it will be difficult for your child to learn. Simple is boring unless it is done correctly. The best sounding names are sometimes the ones with least amount of syllables and letters. The list below is simplistic yet intrinsic and will inherently grow with your child throughout the years.


Alex (English): Form of Alexander, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”
Dustin (English/German): From a dusty area/a courageous warrior
Owen (Gaelic): Form of Eugene, meaning “a wellborn man”
Sean (Irish): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”


Carla (Latin): Feminine form of Carl; a free woman
Kimberly (English): Of the royal fortress
Layla (Arabic): Dark
Sara (Hebrew): Princess; lady; in the Bible, wife of Abraham