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Art Makes the World Go ‘Round

Pablo Picasso said, “To draw, you must close your eyes and sing.” Art is open to interpretation from drawings and paintings to sculptures and musical works. There’s even the art of conversation, or the art of cooking—anything produced by skill and imagination. Your baby can animate the next Pixar film, master the finest menu, or compose the best speeches to grace a presidential teleprompter since the beginning of teleprompter-time. If you’ve got hopes of your child becoming a future artist, there are only time can tell what direction your baby will go. Of course, finger-paint masterpieces and play dough cities might be somewhat of an early indicator.

Here are some names for future artists of any craft!

Dale (English): Lives in the valley
Maxwell (English): Capable
Jacques (French): Supplanter; He grasps the heel
Grant (English): Bestow; Great; Tall

Maya (Arabic): A princess
Louise (French): Famous warrior; Renowned Fighter
Julia (French): Youthful
Ronni (English): Form of Veronica, meaning “displaying her true image”