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Biblical Baby Names

Today marks the beginning of lent and a day where Christians around the world give up one temptation in remembrance of Jesus and his 40 day period of fasting before his public ministry. Today, people from Christian denominations will receive ashes on their forehead made from burnt palms from last year’s Palm Sunday. In remembrance of the temptations that Jesus endured over a 40-day period, here are eight biblical baby names for your soon-to-be.


John (Hebrew): God is gracious; in the Bible, one of the Apostles
Luke (Greek): A man from Lucania
Mark (Latin): Dedicated to Mars; the God of war
Matthew (Hebrew): A gift from God;


Elizabeth (Hebrew): My God is bountiful
Eve (Hebrew): Giver of life; a lively woman
Mary (Latin/Hebrew): Star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness
Sarah (Hebrew): Princess; lady; in the Bible, wife of Abraham