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Is Your Name Trending?

Wouldn’t it be nice to see the popularity of a baby name over time to see if you are choosing the correct fit? Searching online for the perfect name is just one way that you can go about naming your soon-to-be.

If you are using Google, type in “Baby Name Graph” and select the link. Here you will be able to view a variety of names and their popularity from the late 1800’s to today.

Ashley: Ranked 13th in 2007
David: Ranked 5th in 1980
John: Ranked 15th in 1990
Kayla: Ranked 12th in 1990


What’s in a Name?

Many parents overlook the meaning and origin of their child’s name. But, if you are finding it difficult to pick that perfect name for your soon-to-be, consider really looking into the meaning of the names that you like. One suggestion is to search meanings on Google, which may lead you to the perfect name. If you are Greek, Spanish, or Italian and hope to give your child a name that gives credit to your heritage, search baby names by origin.

Here is a list compiled of names from around the world with a variety of different meanings.


Artem (Russian): Energetic
Conor (Irish): Hound-lover
Dominique (French): One who belongs to the Lord
Nicolas (Spanish): People of victory


Filipa (Portuguese): Lover of horses
Kamya (African): Born after twin boys
Lilija (Icelandic): Form of Lily
Malena (Danish): Pet form of Magdalena


Newest Additions to Hit Hollywood: May 2012

In honor of our favorite celebrities and their newest additions, here is a list of names held by the most recent babies born into Hollywood:

So far, the stars are experiencing a baby girl overload with the exception of Alessandra Ambrosio and fiancé Jamie Mazur.

Lauryn (French): Crowned with laurel; from the laurel tree -Daughter of J.R. Martinez
Lucia (English): Feminine form of Lucas; woman from Lucanus -Daughter of Mira Sorvino
Maxwell (English): Feminine form of Max; the greatest -Daughter of Jessica Simpson
Noah (Hebrew): A peaceful wanderer -Son of Alessandra Ambrosio
Ruby (English): As precious as the red gem stone -Daughter of Marley Shelton


In Honor of…

Naming your child can be difficult if you continue to compare baby names with people you have met in the past. Throughout your lifetime, friends and foes have come and gone. To put a twist on the method of choosing a baby name, consider naming your child after someone who has inspired you to be who you are today.

In honor of former teachers, peers, influential figures in history and maybe even your favorite babysitter, here are a few names chosen at random to kick-start the naming process.


Andrew (Greek): Helper and defender of mankind
Charles (English): One who is manly and strong
Douglas (Scottish): From the black river
William (German): The determined protector


Lisa (English): Form of Elizabeth, meaning “My God is Bountiful”
Rose (Greek): Resembling the beautiful and meaningful flower
Sophie (Greek): Having great wisdom and foresight
Tiffany (Form of Theophania, meaning “manifestation of God”


Three Letter Names for a May Baby

The month of May is here at last; time for warm weather and summer fun. If you or someone you know is expecting—consider a simple, yet attractive name that will grow with them throughout the years. Below is a list of three letter baby names inspired by the month of May. Many are shortened from the original form but will sound great as baby’s first name.


Dan (Hebrew): God is my judge
Lee (English): From the meadow
Max (Latin): Form of Maximilian, meaning “the greatest”
Mel (Gaelic): A mill worker/form of Melvin, meaning “a friend who offers counsel”



Ana (Latin): A woman graced with God’s favor
Bri (Irish): Feminine form of Brian; from the high hill; one who ascends
Mia (Israeli/Latin): Feminine form of Michael; who is like God?
Val (Latin): Feminine form of Valerius; strong and valiant


A “Not So Perfect” Combination

Searching for the perfect baby name can steer you into places on the internet you never knew existed. Choosing a first name that will complement your last can be difficult. Make sure to pair the first name of your soon-to-be with your last name to avoid hidden words and sayings. Remember, selecting a baby name should be fun! Here are a few names that you might want to avoid if you have the following last names:


Al Bino
Armand Hammer
Chris Cross
Doug Graves
Joe King
Lou Pole


Cara Van
Milly Graham
Ophelia Payne
Pepe Roni
Robin Banks
Sue Yu


Holy Thursday: Catholic Baby Names

If you are Catholic and expecting a child within the remainder of April, it is important to live as children of the light and perform actions that are good, just, and true during Lent. It is essential to celebrate Lent as a family and to teach your child the importance of faith and good will. For parents-to-be, here is a list of baby names derived from the Bible that will be a perfect fit for your soon-to-be.


John (Hebrew): God is gracious; in the Bible, one of the Apostles
Luke (Greek): A man from Lucania
Mark (Latin): Dedicated to Mars, the God of war
Matthew (Hebrew): A gift from God


Eve (Hebrew): Giver of life; a lively woman
Mary (Latin/Hebrew): Star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness
Sarah (Hebrew): Princess, lady; in the Bible, wife of Abraham
Theresa (Greek): A harvester


National Get a Different Name Day

If you think the best name for your child is 25 characters long and spelled much different than the original form of the same name, reconsider your decision for the sake of your child. February 13th is National Get a Different Name Day and you better believe your child will try—especially if they catch wind of a day in honor of changing their name.

Here are some names you may want to avoid when choosing the perfect baby name for your soon-to-be. Just take it from the celebrities who have already gone down the path of ‘worst baby names of all time.’


Buddy Bear Maurice (Jamie Oliver)
Jermajesty (Jermaine Jackson)
Kyd (David Duchovny and Tea Leon)
Pilot Inspektor (Beth Riesgraf and Jason Lee)


Bluebell Madonna (Spice Girl Geri Halliwell)
Calico (Alice Cooper)
Clementine Jane (Ethan Hawke and Ryan Shawhughes)
Kal-El Coppola (Nicolas Cage)


Fabulous Fifties Names for a February Baby

The 1950’s were iconic and classy, refined but edgy, and altogether unforgettable. Elvis Presley’s music had teenage women across the nation in a frenzy, and the introduction of plastic toys such as dolls and figurines after WWII gave children something to smile about. Thank the heavens for television and other advances in technology like the polio vaccine invented by Jonas Salk in 1955 given to over 7 million Americans.

If you are expecting a child within the month of February and looking for a classy and traditional name for your soon-to-be, consider these names that were popular in the 1950’s.


David (Hebrew): The beloved one
James (Hebrew): Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Richard (English): A powerful ruler
Robert (German): One who is bright with fame


Karen (Greek): Form of Katherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”
Linda (Spanish): One who is soft and beautiful
Nancy (English): Form of Ann, meaning “a woman graced with God’s favor”
Susan (Hebrew): Form of Susannah, meaning “resembling a graceful white Lily”


‘F’ Names for February

If you are expecting a child born in February, think of all of the exciting events that are jam packed into the shortest month of the year. Couples around the world celebrate their love for one another on February 14th with flowers, chocolates, and dinner dates while football fanatics watch their favorite teams compete for the super bowl championship on the first Sunday of the month.

If your child is born during the month of February, give them a name that will relate to the month in which they were born. February 2012 is unique and rare because it is a leap year. Here is a list of names beginning with ‘F’ that you are sure to love.


Finn (Gaelic): A fair-haired man
Felix (Latin): One who is happy and prosperous
Foster (English): A forest ranger
Francis (Latin): A man from France; one who is free


Fallon (Irish): A commanding woman
Farah (Arabic): One who is joyful; a bringer of happiness
Felicity (Latin): Feminine form of Felix; one who is lucky and successful
Francesca (Latin): Feminine form of Francis; woman from France; one who is free