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In Honor of…

Naming your child can be difficult if you continue to compare baby names with people you have met in the past. Throughout your lifetime, friends and foes have come and gone. To put a twist on the method of choosing a baby name, consider naming your child after someone who has inspired you to be who you are today.

In honor of former teachers, peers, influential figures in history and maybe even your favorite babysitter, here are a few names chosen at random to kick-start the naming process.


Andrew (Greek): Helper and defender of mankind
Charles (English): One who is manly and strong
Douglas (Scottish): From the black river
William (German): The determined protector


Lisa (English): Form of Elizabeth, meaning “My God is Bountiful”
Rose (Greek): Resembling the beautiful and meaningful flower
Sophie (Greek): Having great wisdom and foresight
Tiffany (Form of Theophania, meaning “manifestation of God”


Fabulous Fifties Names for a February Baby

The 1950’s were iconic and classy, refined but edgy, and altogether unforgettable. Elvis Presley’s music had teenage women across the nation in a frenzy, and the introduction of plastic toys such as dolls and figurines after WWII gave children something to smile about. Thank the heavens for television and other advances in technology like the polio vaccine invented by Jonas Salk in 1955 given to over 7 million Americans.

If you are expecting a child within the month of February and looking for a classy and traditional name for your soon-to-be, consider these names that were popular in the 1950’s.


David (Hebrew): The beloved one
James (Hebrew): Form of Jacob, meaning “he who supplants”
Richard (English): A powerful ruler
Robert (German): One who is bright with fame


Karen (Greek): Form of Katherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”
Linda (Spanish): One who is soft and beautiful
Nancy (English): Form of Ann, meaning “a woman graced with God’s favor”
Susan (Hebrew): Form of Susannah, meaning “resembling a graceful white Lily”


‘F’ Names for February

If you are expecting a child born in February, think of all of the exciting events that are jam packed into the shortest month of the year. Couples around the world celebrate their love for one another on February 14th with flowers, chocolates, and dinner dates while football fanatics watch their favorite teams compete for the super bowl championship on the first Sunday of the month.

If your child is born during the month of February, give them a name that will relate to the month in which they were born. February 2012 is unique and rare because it is a leap year. Here is a list of names beginning with ‘F’ that you are sure to love.


Finn (Gaelic): A fair-haired man
Felix (Latin): One who is happy and prosperous
Foster (English): A forest ranger
Francis (Latin): A man from France; one who is free


Fallon (Irish): A commanding woman
Farah (Arabic): One who is joyful; a bringer of happiness
Felicity (Latin): Feminine form of Felix; one who is lucky and successful
Francesca (Latin): Feminine form of Francis; woman from France; one who is free


1/20/12: Baby Names with Repeating Letters

Today is January 20th, 2012. What makes this day unique is the use of the numbers zero, one, and two. Baby names with the same letters repeated tend to have a spunky and trendy feel. For short, cute, and simple names that will not only be easy to pronounce but easy to spell when your child begins to read and write, check out this list of names re-using the same letters.


Bob (German): Form of Robert, meaning “one who is bright with fame”
Jarrell (English): One who rules with a spear
Keenan (Gaelic): Of the ancient family
Reece (Welsh): Having great enthusiasm for life


Anna (Latin): A woman graced with God’s favor
Ava (German): A birdlike woman/from the water
Cailin (Gaelic): A young woman; a lass
Lulu (Hawaiian/African): A calm, peaceful woman/as precious as a pearl


January 5th is National Bird Day

Okay, maybe this is a crazy approach to naming your soon-to-be but inspiration can be found in many different ways. Check back daily with the Baby Name Registry for fun and unique ways to choose the perfect name for your child.

National Bird Day is celebrated every year on January 5th. Even if you do not have a particular interest in birds, do something fun and find out what your states national bird is. It will be interesting to find out simple facts about your state and you might learn something you never knew! In honor of National Bird Day, here are a few names derived from our feathery friends flying high above.


Birtle (English): From the bird hill
Falco (Latin): Resembling a falcon; one who works with falcons
Jay (Latin/Sanskrit): Resembling a jaybird; one who is victorious
Oriole (Latin): Resembling the gold-speckled bird


Fallon (Irish): A commanding woman
Raven (English): Resembling a blackbird; a dark and mysterious beauty
Robin (English): Form of Roberta, meaning “one who is bright with fame’; resembling the red-breasted songbird
Scarlet (English): Vibrant red color; a vivacious woman


Traditional, Political, and Sport Names for your Soon-to-be

Holiday shopping has yet to subside. According to a recent MarketTools study, 62% of the $46+ billion in returns made after the gift giving season were on clothes and other apparel alone. Toys and games accounted for 16% with electronics at a close third at 14%.

In honor of returning gifts, the Baby Name Registry has come up with the top 4 boys and girls names that will also be returning to popularity for the upcoming year.

One cannot go wrong when choosing a name that has been around for centuries. Biblical names such as Noah and Jacob may be a good pick for the upcoming year as well as traditional names like Ava and Helen. Another suggestion is to take a look at influential figures in the U.S. Names such as Landry and Sandra might be fitting for the sport star or political figure in your family.


Jacob (Hebrew): He who supplants
Landry (English): Land ruler
Noah (Hebrew): A peaceful wanderer
Stanley (English): From the stony meadow


Ava (German/Italian): A birdlike woman/from the water
Helen (Greek): The shining light; in mythology, Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world
Monroe (Gaelic): Woman from the river
Sandra (Greek): Form of Alexandra, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”


2012 Trends: Perfectly Girly and Masculine Names

What do you get when you add an extra dose of femininity to the perfect sweetheart names? The top trendy baby girl names of 2012, of course! In addition to the baby name trends posted yesterday, here are a couple more foreseen trends that are sure to kick off the start of the New Year. From extremely girly to the new boys on the block, this list of names is sure to be anything but boring:

Feminine Names: 2012 Trend

Amelia (German): One who is industrious and hardworking
Charlotte (French): Little woman
Emma (German): One who is complete; a universal woman
Grace (Latin): Having God’s favor; in mythology, the Graces were the personification of beauty, charm, and grace
Olivia (Latin): Feminine form of Oliver; of the olive tree; one who is peaceful

New Boys on the Block: 2012 Trend

Aiden (Irish): A fiery young man
Alexander (Greek): Helper and defender of mankind
Benjamin (Hebrew): Son of the south; son of the right hand
Connor (Gaelic): A wolf-lover
Gavin (Welsh): A little white falcon
Nicholas (Greek): Of the victorious people
Owen (Welsh/Gaelic): Form of Eugene, meaning “a wellborn man/a youthful man”
Rory (Gaelic): A red-haired man


Add Zing to Your Life

The need for a hot beverage becomes more desirable as winter nears and the days get colder. Same can be said about the need for comfort food. If you are looking to treat yourself after a long, hard weeks worth of work, you’re in luck! Today, October 7th, is National Frappe Day a drink traditionally made with coffee, milk and vanilla ice cream. If you are expecting a child, try to avoid the caffeine. You can still make this drink with decaf coffees, adding all the sweets you’d like to satisfy your cravings. Looking for a baby name that will add a little zing to your life? Take a look at this list of names, sure to please any mother’s specific tastes.


Arlex (Greek): Defending men

Leon (Greek): Form of Leo, meaning “resembling a lion”

Tye (English): From the fenced-in pasture

Vito (Latin): One who gives life


Dominique (French): Feminine form of Dominic; born on the Lord’s Day

Ella (German): From the foreign land

Regina (Latin): A queenly woman

Vivienne (Latin): One who is full of life; vibrant