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1/20/12: Baby Names with Repeating Letters

Today is January 20th, 2012. What makes this day unique is the use of the numbers zero, one, and two. Baby names with the same letters repeated tend to have a spunky and trendy feel. For short, cute, and simple names that will not only be easy to pronounce but easy to spell when your child begins to read and write, check out this list of names re-using the same letters.


Bob (German): Form of Robert, meaning “one who is bright with fame”
Jarrell (English): One who rules with a spear
Keenan (Gaelic): Of the ancient family
Reece (Welsh): Having great enthusiasm for life


Anna (Latin): A woman graced with God’s favor
Ava (German): A birdlike woman/from the water
Cailin (Gaelic): A young woman; a lass
Lulu (Hawaiian/African): A calm, peaceful woman/as precious as a pearl