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Hoop Dreams Start Early

If you’re a basketball fanatic, naming your child something that will flow out of an announcer’s mouth and reverberate off the walls is integral. After all, your baby could be the next Kobe Bryant or Lisa Leslie. Instead of compiling a baby madness bracket of girl names vs. boy names, check out our list of current basketball player names that will be a slam dunk.

Boy names from the 2012 NBA Finals:
Cole (English) – Having dark features; Having coal-black hair
Cole Aldrich, Oklahoma City Thunder
Kevin (Gaelic) – A beloved and handsome man
Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder
Dexter (Latin) – A right-handed man; One who is skillful
Dexter Pittman, Miami Heat
Shane (English) – Form of John, meaning “god is gracious”
 Shane Battier, Miami Heat

Girl names from WNBA players:
Sasha (Russian) – Form of Alexandra, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”
Sasha Goodlett, Indiana Fever
Nicky (Greek) – Form of Nicole, the feminine version of Nicholas, meaning “of the victorious people”
Nicky Anosike, Los Angeles Sparks
Kristi (English) – Form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”
Kristi Toilver, Los Angeles Sparks
Jenna (English) – Form of Jennifer, meaning “fair spirit”
Jenna O’Hea, Los Angeles Sparks