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New York City Chic

If you are planning to have a child and live in the New York City area, you know first hand that choosing a name for a child born in the big apple is a bigger hassle than if you were to live else where. In a city with big name celebrities, buildings, reputations and expectations, your child’s name has to stand out amongst the crowd. Be heard, be seen, and be remembered as the parent with good taste.

Here are just a few NYC chic baby names that will gain popularity over your child’s lifetime and will accompany them wherever the opportunities take them.


Granderson (Scottish): Last name common in Scotland
Hudson (English): Explorer; Hugh’s son
Landon (English): Long hill
Parker (Old English): Park keeper


Chelsea (Old English): Chalk landing place
Guiliana (Italian): Youthful
Isla (Scottish): Name of a river in Scotland
Shira (Hebrew): My song