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National Frozen Food Day

You are probably wondering, “How can frozen food relate to naming a child?” Let’s be real, choosing a baby name can be extremely difficult unless you have been fixed on one name since childhood. For the rest of us, inspiration can come from just about anywhere. From the latest NBC sitcom to the weekly trips to the grocery store, your soon-to-be baby’s name is waiting to be discovered. In honor of this wacky national day, here are a few names derived from the most popular frozen food brands.


Cole (English/French): Swarthy; coal-black; charcoal – Cole’s Quality Food, Inc.
Dante (Latin): Lasting; enduring – Dante’s Italian Frozen Foods
Paul (Latin): Small – Newman’s Own
Warren (English): Watchmen; park warden -Warren’s Frozen Foods, Inc.


Amy (French): Beloved – Amy Food, Inc.
Jane (Hebrew): God is gracious -Janes Family Foods Ltd.
Kendall (English): The Kent river valley – Kendall Frozen Fruits, Inc.
Shiloh (Hebrew): “His gift” – Shiloh Foods, Inc.