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Delightful Baby Names

Close your eyes and try to think of the little things in life that make you smile. Being pregnant is a blessing as is your heightened senses that come with the 9 months of carrying your child. In honor of National Fragrance Day, here are a few baby names derived from the most delightful scents of perfumes and colognes. Just remember, inspiration for choosing a baby name can come from just about anywhere, including the perfume section of your local Sephora’s!


Betsey (Hebrew): My God is bountiful- Betsey Johnson- Too Too
Chloe (Greek): A flourishing woman; blooming- Chloe- L’Eau de Chloe
Kat (Greek): Form of Catherine, meaning “one who is pure, virginal”- Kat Von D- Saint
Vera (Latin/Slavic): The truth/one with faith- Vera Wang-Princess


Giorgio (Italian): Farmer; where it is used- Giorgio Armani- Acqua Di Gio
Jean (French): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious” -Jean Paul Gaultier- LE MALE TERRIBLE
Jimmy (English): Form of James, meaning “He who supplants” -Jimmy Choo- JIMMY CHOO
Marc (Latin): Dedicated to Mars; the God of war -Marc Jacobs- Daisy


Brand Name Baby

This holiday season, you are sure to be branded by the slew of brand name items you will be buying for yourself and loved ones. World renowned brand name items such as Pepsi and Coke are iconic and distinguishable among others in the industry. If you are expecting a child and finding it difficult to find the perfect name, take a new approach to this sometimes strenuous task and look outside of the box, literally. Check out the umpteen amounts of gifts under the tree or hidden around the house and find a recognizable brand that will make your child stand out in the crowd.


Harley (English): From the meadow of the Hares
Klein (German): A man of small stature
Levi (Hebrew): We are united as one; in the Bible, one of Jacob’s sons
Nike (Greek): One who brings victory


Apple (American): Sweet fruit; one who is cherished
Macy (French): One who wields a weapon
Seven (American): The seventh-born child
Victoria (Latin): Victorious woman; winner; conqueror