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Cancer Zodiac Baby Names








If you follow astrology, you’ll know that June 21 was the first day of the Cancer zodiac. Babies born between June 21 and July 22 will be Cancers, which is represented by a crab in Greek mythology. Cancer joins Scorpio and Pisces as a water sign, and is represented by bluish colors.

The Cancer zodiac starts at the height of the summer. If you’re expecting your baby to be born under this sign, you can look forward to the long days and summer skies you’ll get to spend together! Here is a list of celebrities who are Cancerians. There is quite a range of personalities on this list, which is typical for the Cancer sign.

Selma Blair, June 23 (German): Having divine protection
Tobey Maguire, June 27 (Hebrew): The lord is good
John Cusack, June 28 (English): Jehovah has been gracious; has shown favor
Ashley Tisdale, July 2 (English): Lives in the ash tree grove
Malia Obama, July 4 (Spanish): Variant of Maria
Jane Lynch, July 1 (English): Feminine form of John
Will Ferrell, July 16 (German): Resolute protector; Will
Chace Crawford, July 18 (English): Huntsman