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Fame: Born in March

Expecting a baby in the remainder of the month of March? If so, you’re in luck! Below is a list of famous people in history born during the last two weeks of March. Choosing a baby name has never been so simple! Take a look, and be inspired.


Gabe (Hebrew): God’s able-bodied one -Gabe Kaplan, March 31, 1945
Kenny (Gaelic): Form of Kenneth, meaning “fire born” -Kenny Chesney, March 26, 1968
Quentin (Latin): Fifth -Quentin Tarantino, March 27, 1963
Vince (Latin): Form of Vincent, meaning “prevailing” -Vince Vaughn, March 28, 1970


Annabella (Hebrew/Italian): God has favored me -Annabella Sciorra, March 24, 1964
Danica (Slavic): Morning star/from Denmark -Danica Patrick, March 25, 1982
Lucy (Latin): Form of Lucille, meaning “light”-Lucy Lawless, March 29, 1968
Norah (Greek): Shinning woman -Norah Jones, March 30, 1979


March Mania Famous Birthdays

If you or someone you know is expecting a child in the month of March, there are only a few short weeks until your new addition arrives. If you want your soon-to-be to have a star-studded childhood, consider using a famous and well-known name that will stick with them for the rest of their lives—and that does not mean picking from a list of names like Blanket, Apple, and Pilot Inspektor—unless that’s what you like.


Arye (Hebrew): Lion, eagle -Arye Gross, March 17th, 1960
Dee (Hebrew): The beloved one -Dee Snider, March 15th, 1955
Glenn (Gaelic): From the secluded narrow valley -Glenn Close, March 19th, 1947
Kirby (German): From the village with the church -Kirby Puckett, March 14th, 1961


Dana (English): Woman from Denmark -Dana Delany, March 13th, 1956
Holly (English): Of the holly tree -Holly Hunter, March 20th, 1958
Irene (Greek): A peaceful woman -Irene Cara, March 18th, 1959
Mercedes (Spanish): Lady of mercies; refers t the Virgin Mary -Mercedes McCambridge, March 16th, 1916