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Celebrity Style Baby Names

Celebrity baby names—do you love them or hate them? Whether they’re names celebs have given their tots or names inspired by celebrities themselves, notorious monikers are some of the most popular names given to babies each year. We have a feeling this year will be the reprise of Jennifer, thanks to Jennifer Lawrence! There has also been less of a trend in giving celebrity babies outlandish names. Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa recently welcomed their son, Sebastian Taylor Thomaz, and Alec Baldwin told his wife he wanted to name their future child Massimo. Baldwin and his wife are still deciding on a name—they don’t even know whether it’s a girl or boy—but it definitely seems like trend of funky names is on a decline.

It seems like artistic, somewhat unique names are popular now. Names that can be nicknamed. Wiz and his wife are calling their son, “The Bash”!

Here are some of our favorite names this year that are just waiting for a nickname!

Axel (German): Father of peace
Hunter (English): One who hunts
Rowan (Scottish/Irish): Redhead
Louie (French): Renowned warrior

Ingrid (Norse): Hero’s daughter
Maisie (Scottish): Pearl
Jennifer (Welsh): White shadow; White wave
Camilla (Latin): Young ceremonial attendant


Uma Thurman Discusses Baby Luna’s Name

Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson got plenty of attention when she was born last year. Daughter of Uma Thurman and Arpad Busson, the baby girl born in July was given five names along with a hyphenated surname. Celebrities are known for giving their kids unique baby names, but even this one was something new for Hollywood.

In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Uma offered somewhat of an explanation for the 5-name long moniker—she and her husband were having a difficult time coming to an agreement. She added that her 14-year-old daughter, Maya, had her own reasoning for her mother’s choice. Thurman explained how Maya pointed out that this baby would probably be her last, so “I just put every name that I liked into [Luna’s].”

Despite her daughter’s actual name, Thurman said, “We call her Luna, so she’s lucky that way.”


Baby Names Inspired by Celebrities

For most of us, coming up with potential baby names is simple. Whether or not they have to match with siblings or family names is usually where it starts to get difficult, and for some, even thinking of a list of names at all proves daunting. Some parents wait to meet their baby to decide on his or her name—just ask Fred Savage. Could you imagine waiting that long to name your little one? 

What if something ruins one of the names on your short list of favorites, like strange initials or remembering someone with a similar name that you’d prefer to forget? Movies and television are often culprits of changing opinions about the perfect name, too. Would you let something like that sway you? 

Since Hollywood is often the source of baby names we love and hate, here is a list of baby names borrowed from some of our favorite celebrities! 

Jude (Hebrew): One who praises god
Clay (English): Of the earth’s clay
George (Greek): One who works the earth; A farmer
Alec (Greek): Form of Alexander, meaning “helper & defender of mankind”

Jennifer (Welsh): One who is fair; A beautiful girl
Emma (German): One who is complete; A universal woman
Adele (German): Of the nobility; Serene; Of good humor
Lena (German): Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”


Drew Barrymore Dishes on her Daughter’s Name!

Drew Barrymore recently sat down with Ellen Degeneres for some well-deserved baby talk. Barrymore, whose daughter just turned 10-weeks-old, talked about how difficult it was for her to leave her baby girl at home to travel to the show. Amidst some other conversation points, like Ellen accusing Barrymore of being crazy for classifying her daughter as a “nice person,” Barrymore revealed the inspiration behind her daughter’s name.

Barrymore and her husband, Will Kopelman, were reading a book that included, “Your baby is about the size of an olive.” And the name stuck! Barrymore knew she would be naming her daughter Olive when she was only three month’s pregnant. Ellen joked, of course, that it’s a good thing “Olive” was what the text referenced. Kidney Bean Kopelman just doesn’t have the same je ne sais quoi!

Check out the video of Barrymore’s candid Ellen interview above, and we’re glad Olive didn’t end up being named Cilantro, Dill, Durian, Flan, Okra or Rubarb!



Alicia Keys Explains Son’s Name

Celebrity baby names have a tendency to be obscure. Alicia Keys welcomed her son, Egypt, on Oct. 14, 2010. While it’s not a name commonly seen every day, we don’t think “Egypt” is too high on the weird baby name meter, especially since Alicia has good reason for choosing the moniker. According to an interview with Complex magazine, Alicia knew her child’s name would be Egypt whether it was a girl or a boy—a name she chose based off of a life-changing trip she took to the country in 2006.

She told the magazine, “I took an important trip for myself to Egypt. There were a lot of things that needed to change. I was not as experienced then, so I felt close to a breakdown. I went to Egypt, and I went alone. I sailed down the Nile and I saw the temples, the tombs and the pyramids. It was powerful.”

“When we found out I was pregnant, my husband said, ‘Egypt was such an important time for you. That really changed your life. Wouldn’t that be an amazing name?’”

It seems like Keys’ trip to Egypt is something she holds onto very strongly—it’s sweet she chose that for her child’s name.

Here is a list of other unique baby names designated after places.

York (English): From the yew settlemenet
Phoenix (Greek): A dark-red color; In mythology, an immortal bird
Morocco (English): Country located in North Africa
Nile (Irish): Champion

Savannah (English): From the open, grassy plain
Eden (Hebrew): Place of pleasure; In the Bible, the first home of Adam & Eve
London (English): From the capital of England
Arizona (Native American): From the little spring; From the state of Arizona


Places for Celebrity Baby Names

Reese Witherspoon Nick Lachey

We must admit we were a bit surprised when Reese Witherspoon announced the name of her son—Tennessee James. The actress does live in Tennessee, but with her first son being named Deacon, we weren’t getting a state-name vibe from the happy mom.

Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa Minnillo, went a similar route with a place name for their baby boy, Camden John. They don’t live in Camden, though, and the way they came about choosing the name is a bit unorthodox! Nick told People that he and his wife were looking for a “C” name after Vanessa wasn’t in love with Nick’s suggestion of “Colin.” During a visit to Vanessa’s obstetrician, Nick suggested “Camden,” as the office is located on Camden Drive. Nick said, “We fell in love with it and decided on it five or six months ago.” He added that is son is not named after Camden, New Jersey, though!

Check out our list of place names for baby boys that we think is celebrity worthy:

Everest (English): Variant of Everett; Tallest mountain in the world
York (English): From the new settlement
Kingston (English): From the kind’s town
Rio (Spanish): From the river
Vernon (French): From the alder-tree grove


What Did Uma Thurman Name her Baby Girl?

There was a time when middle names weren’t a mandatory accessory. Kids either had one or didn’t, or took one later in life for religious purposes, though it was often a second middle name at that point. Middle names are the norm now, though, with first names specifically being chosen to link well with a middle and surname. People usually follow a sound pattern for middle name choice. It should balance the first name, flow into the last and complement both without stealing the show. Middle names have a tough job!

So what did Uma Thurman do? She gave the middle names their time to shine. She let the middle names take over. She let the middle names and first name not even be the name her family will be calling her daughter. Middle-child syndrome? More like middle-name syndrome.

Uma Thurman and boyfriend Arpad Busson have kept most of the details surrounding the July 15 birth of their daughter under wraps, until Uma recently released the new baby girl’s name: Rosalind Arusha Arkadina Altalune Florence Thurman-Busson. A rep for the family told People that the baby is known to friends and family as “Luna.”

We put together a list of names with two middle “A” name combinations. This is for you, Luna!

Kate Aurora Avery
Tierney Adelina Amanda
Harlow Ainsley Aldea
Phoebe Ami Ambrosia

Dominic Adler Abbott
Matteo Axe Anderson
Nathaniel Alec Adam
Connor Aaron Abbot


Marissa Mayer Asks the Internet for Baby Names

Marissa Mayer made headlines when she announced her pregnancy on the same day she was announced as the new CEO at We’re happy to report that Mayer and her husband, Zachary Bogue, welcomed their baby boy over the weekend on Sept. 30! But she made another talk-worthy move that sent the media buzzing.

Mayer asked the Internet for baby name recommendations for her son. Would you ask followers the same question if you had a large demographic of potential responses? Several parents spoke out against Mayer’s move, expressing their concern for a baby whose parents were turning to the Internet to come up with a name.

This comes back to naming preferences—should your baby have a name that stems from family and friends? Is there any difference between flipping through pages of baby name books and asking thousands of strangers for their suggestions?

Certainly Mayer and her husband don’t have to accept any of the names suggested. And as an active social media user, Mayer might have already had a name in mind, but knew the prospect of asking the public to name her child would draw a significant response.

As of yet, Mayer’s son has only been referred to as “baby boy Bogue,” which appeared in her husband’s tweet announcing his birth. We’re sure he will have something more official soon, and we’re hoping Mayer tweets it! In the mean time, here are our recommendations for Mayer’s newest addition.

Ian (Gaelic): Form of John, meaning “god is gracious”
Lennox (Scottish): One who owns many elm trees
Ollie (French): Diminutive of Oliver, meaning “olive tree”
Parker (English): The keeper of the park


What Should Drew Barrymore Name Her Baby?

If you haven’t heard, Drew Barrymore is expecting her first child with husband Will Kopelman. We love Drew’s first name—it fits her so well. Kopelman’s last name is also great, because it gives the expecting parents plenty of freedom with a first name.

They can choose something that’s one syllable, similar to both parents, or something with a few more syllables paired with a shorter middle name. Barrymore is never one to make boring decisions, and we’re sure she probably already has the perfect name in mind.

We don’t know whether Drew is having a girl or a boy, but we like the idea of Drew looking for a one syllable name to balance out the baby’s last name.

Since Drew has an androgynous name, we picked four names that will work for a baby girl or a baby boy, and will sound great with the last name “Kopelman.” Our favorites are Sam, Joss, Gene (Jean) and Shae.

It seems like Drew should be expecting any time now, so hopefully we don’t have to wait too long to find out what she decided!

Sam (Hebrew): Sun child; Bright sun
Joss (German): One of the goths
Gene (English): Form of Eugene, meaning “a wellborn man”
Shae (Gaelic): An admirable man/from the fairy fortress


Normal Names from Celebrities

Celebrity baby names are known for their obscurity. Nouns as names, names with intricate spellings, or names that intentionally sound different aren’t out of the question when it comes to tots born under the stars. There are some celebrities who became parents in 2012, though, that haven’t pushed the proverbial envelope with their mini-me monikers, giving a few of Hollywood’s newest additions names to be envied by members of their unique generation. Here are some of the celebrity baby names given in 2012 that won’t end up on radio show lists of celebrities with abnormal names.

James – Danny Pudi
Micah – Sarah Drew
Samuel – Jennifer Garner
Tyler – Kerri Strug

Fiona – Danny Pudi
Olivia – Michael Weatherly
Penelope – Kourtney Kardashian
Gloria – Maggie Gyllenhaal