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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises premiered July 20 to the type of crowds only midnight premiers are made of. The film is the final installment in the Batman trilogy, featuring Bruce Wayne himself suffering blow after blow as he tries to save Gotham City. Wall Street Journal movie critic Joe Morgenstern described the film as “notable for many things—thrilling chases, supercool vehicles, majestic vistas” and “an epic scale that hasn’t been achieved since The Lord of the Rings.” Most reviews have been positive, though not as positive as the 2008 release of The Dark Knight, with a couple of dissatisfied movie goers in the mix, too. Such an anticipated release is bound to have results on both sides of the fence, are you going to see it yourself?

In honor of Batman, here are some baby names inspired by the film.

Harvey (English/French): One who is ready for battle/ A strong man
Bruce (Scottish): A man from Brieusel One who is wellborn; From an influential family
Gordon (Gaelic): From the great hill; A hero
Alfred (English): One who counsels the elves

Martha (Aramaic) Mistress of the house; in the Bible, the sister of Lazarus and Mary
Selina (French): French form of Latin “caelum” meaning sky or heaven
Holly (English): Of the holly tree
Miranda (Latin): One who is worthy of admiration


Comic-Con 2012 Baby Names

Happy Comic-Con 2012! July 12 is the first official day of the four-day event that has had attendees lining up for hours to earn a spot inside. You don’t have to love comic books to love Comic-Con, as the convention has grown to encompass mainstream pop culture alongside the diehard comic book fans. Some of the most anticipated panels this year will include movie previews of Iron Man 3, Oz the Great and Powerful, and T.V. show “666 Park Avenue.” If you’re expecting a baby and pop culture is your thing, check out this list of names inspired by the event.

Warner, Warner Bros.
Joshua, “Fringe”
Elijah, The Hobbit
Diego, Elysium

Mila, Oz the Great and Powerful
Ellen, “Supernatural”
Veronica, Archie Comics
Fiona, “Shameless”


Baby Names from The Amazing Spider-Man






The Amazing Spider-Man is the latest installment of the comic book hero to hit theaters. The story focuses around Peter, who is trying to find his way through high school while coming to an understanding about his parents’ disappearance. The movie comes ten years after the original debuted—has it really been that long? Reviews are mixed about the remake, spanning from living up to the “amazing” name, and raising questions as to why a new version even needed to be made. It might be worth a shot if not only to see Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone together on screen.

If sitting for the credits isn’t part of your movie-going experience, here are some names inspired by actors in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Andrew Garfield, Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Rhys Ifans, The Lizard/ Dr. Curt Connors
Irrfan Khan, Rajit Ratha
Campbell Scott, Richard Parker

Emma Stone, Gwen Stacy
Kari Coleman, Helen Stacy
Sally Field, Aunt May
Embeth Davidtz, Mary Parker


Superhero Baby Names





Who doesn’t love superheroes? Comic book friend or foe, there is something exciting about the thought of superheroes. Magical powers, elite skills, and of course the instinctive drive to take care of society. These all sound like great traits! Your kid might not be born with a cape, but you can still expect greatness—just maybe a little less flying. We have compiled a list of names fit for future leaders who demand justice! Tights are optional, but neon leggings have really been making a comeback.

Bruce, Batman or the Hulk
Tony, Iron Man
Peter, Spiderman
Nick, Nick Fury
Clark, Superman
Steve, Captain America

Natasha, Black Widow
Maria, S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent
Selina, Catwoman
Diana, Wonder Woman
Raven, X-Men
Helen, The Incredibles