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Yearly Naming Trends

Baby names, like any other trend, ebb and flow. What was popular a few years ago might be worn out by now, but uncommon names now might be the regular by 2015. There will always be critics for or against, but as long as you’re not planning on naming your baby something like “Pineapple,” there will be pros and cons for every possibility. “Christopher” was ranked #10 by the Social Security Administration in 2005, moved up to #9 by 2008, but dropped down to #21 in 2011. “Mia” has progressed from ranking as #17 in 2005 up to #9 in 2011. Will “Mia” continue to rise, or drop back down in the next few years? It’s difficult to predict, but as long as your child comes from a loving home, they’ll make the name you choose work. But we must admit, “Pineapple” might be difficult!

Here are some names that ranked lowest out of the top 25—maybe they’ll be at the top next year?

Benjamin (Hebrew): Son of the south; Son of the right hand
Nathan (Hebrew): Form of Nathaniel, meaning “a gift from god”
Logan (Gaelic): From the little hollow
Andrew (Greek): Manly; A warrior

Evelyn (German): A birdlike woman
Taylor (English): Cutter of cloth; One who alters garments
Hailey (English): From the field of hay
Natalie (Latin): Born on Christmas Day; Refers to Christ’s birthday