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Future IT-er

You are making a list and checking it twice, you’re going to find out if it is really worth the price. Brace yourself; Cyber Monday just came to town.

Today marks the biggest, most profitable online shopping day of the year for online retailers. In 2005, coined the term “Cyber Monday” which now-a-days rakes in well over $1 billion in sales for online retailers. If you work in, or have been influenced by the power of the internet, give thanks to the brains behind the information technology. In hopes that your child will one day be an IT person, working within an “I want it yesterday” market place, here are a few names that might interest you for your soon-to-be technologically savvy baby. 


Alex (English): Form of Alexander, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”
Dexter (Latin): A right-handed man; one who is skillful
George (Greek): One who works the earth; a farmer
Luke (Greek): A man from Lucania


Amalia (German): One who is industrious and hardworking
Chloe (Greek): A flourishing woman; blooming
Delia (Latin): Woman from Delos; form of Cordelia, meaning “a good-hearted woman; a woman of honesty”
Fiona (Gaelic): One who is fair; a white shouldered woman