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January Famous Birthdays: January 27th

It’s time again to announce the famous birthdays that have occurred on this day in years past. Every month, the Baby Name Registry would like to shed light on those who are celebrating a birthday. Whether they are turning 1, 10, or 100, these famous people might inspire the name that you choose for your soon-to-be. Here are a few names that might interest you of those celebrating a birthday today on Friday, January 27th.


Lewis (German): A famous warrior: Lewis Carroll- 1832
Mikhail (Hebrew): Who is like God? Mikhail Baryshnikov- 1948
Patton (English): From the town of warriors: Patton Oswalt- 1969
Troy (Gaelic): Son of a foot soldier: Troy Donahue- 1936


Bridget (Irish): A strong and protective woman; in mythology, goddess of fire, wisdom, and poetry: Bridget Fonda- 1964
Donna (Italian): A titled woman; feminine form of Donald; ruler of the world: Donna Reed- 1921
Jennifer (Welsh): One who is fair; a beautiful girl: Jennifer LB Leese- 1970
Karen (Greek): Form of Katherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal” Karen Velez- 1961


Familiar Names For A New Face

The third week of October is approaching, time to pick out a baby name if you are an expectant parent and haven’t done so already! Ever wonder who shares your birthday? Well, if you are expecting a child within the coming weeks of October, you may be surprised to find that your new bundle of joy shares a birthday with a famous or historic person. Here is a list of people born on the third week of October that you might be familiar with.

Aubrey (Germanic): Elfin King -Aubrey Graham, October 24th, 1986
Christopher (Greek): Bearer of Christ -Chris Kirkpatrick, October 17th, 1971
John (Hebrew): God is gracious – John Krasinski, October 20th, 1979
Ty (Germanic): Brave; bold -Ty Pennington, October 19th 1964
Bristol (English): Bridged assembly place-Bristol Palin, October 18th, 1990
Kimberly (English): Forest clearning- Kim Kardashian, October 21st, 1980
Joan (Hebrew): God is gracious- Joan Fontaine, October 22nd, 1917
Nancy (Hebrew): Grace; favor- Nancy Grace, October 23rd, 1959