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What if You Don’t Like the Family Name?

Honoring friends and family is one of the most common routes parents take when it comes to naming a baby. Whether it’s a family name passed down from generations or honoring a late relative, some babies are destined to carry the family name even before conception. But what if the family name is one you can’t imagine giving to your son or daughter? As names are passed from generation to generation, they have the potential to become aged and out of date. Some navigate this by using names like Euclid or Bertha as middle names, which are less commonly used or seen. 

But if you can’t imagine the name being forever part of your child’s life, you can choose to honor it with a name that’s similar. By choosing a name that has a similar theme or meaning, it can still pay homage to the rest of the family while being a name that won’t fill you with regret. Selecting a name with a similar beginning or end is also an option, as it will sound like the original version.

Instead of Euclid, Eugene or Clyde could be used as substitutes. Bertha can be replaced by Roberta or Blanche, which keeps the same initial and has the same meaning, “shining.”

Alternatively, parents can opt to honor the middle name of family or simply keep the same initial. What would you do if hated the idea of continuing a family name?


Baby Names: What if already know someone with that name?

What happens when you fall in love with the name Morgan, but find out it’s the name your best friend has set aside for her child? Can you still use the name David after you realize it’s the middle name of your nephew? As if finding a name unique to your peers isn’t difficult enough, it’s also hard to find a baby name that doesn’t already appear within your own family and friends.

We don’t think there’s anything wrong with a name repeating within friends and family. Who can forget the generations of sons named after their fathers? Names have a tendency to repeat, and without a truly one-of-a-kind name, there’s a good chance your son or daughter will eventually meet someone with the same moniker.

Our family had a tradition of naming babies after family members when it came to naming us; we were destined to have repeat names from the beginning.

Is a repeating name too taboo to consider? Will your baby sharing a name with someone else in the family make it any less special? We can understand wanting to pick the perfect name—its something that will last a lifetime.

Here are some traditional names that always stand true!

Damien (Indian): Tamer
Jacob (Hebrew): He who supplants
William (German): The determined protector
Timothy (Greek): One who honors god

Maliha (Indian): Having beauty and strength
Michelle (French): Feminine form of Michael; Who is like god?
Elizabeth (Hebrew): My god is bountiful
Deborah (Hebrew): Resembling a bee; in the Bible, a prophetess