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Baby Names for Future Redheads






Brave, a Walt Disney/Pixar movie, is breaking ground for redheads. The film focuses on Merida, a princess who is a skilled archer and has red hair. Trailers for Brave show Merida’s mother dressing her in a skin tight dress to be worn at an archery competition where suitors will vie for the honor of marrying Merida. The dress rips at its seams when Merida shoots the targets herself, even getting a bull’s eye through another arrow. Brave is Pixar’s first fairy tale film, but it’s also a movie that has many redheads excited for silkscreen representation—and not in the form of a witch.

We put together a list of famous redheads from all walks of life, in case you’re expecting a redhead of your own!

Debra Messing (Hebrew): Biblical prophetess
Isla Fischer (Spanish): Devoted to god
Nicole Kidman (Greek): Of the victorious people
Julianne Moore (Latin): One who is youthful; Daughter of the sky
Kathy Griffin (English): Pure

Ron Howard (Gaelic): Rules with counsel
Seth Green (Hebrew): Anointed; Compensation
Conan O’Brien (Irish): Hound; Elevated
Henry (Prince Harry): Of English origin meaning “Rules his household”
Rupert Grint (German): Famed; Bright; Shining