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February 27th is Polar Bear Day: Cuddly Names for a February Baby

Today is National Polar Bear Day. The polar bear is the world’s largest carnivore and can grow up to nine feet tall while standing and weighs in at an astounding 1,400 lbs. This large white Coca Cola iconic figure is native to Canada, Alaska, Greenland, Norway, and Russia. In honor of the polar bear, here is a list of Alaskan baby names that might interest you for a February baby.


Elijah (Hebrew): Jehovah is my God
Hunter (English): A great huntsman and provider
Isaac (Hebrew): Full of laughter
Logan (Gaelic): From the little hallow


Alyssa (German): Form of Alice, meaning “woman of the nobility; truthful; having high moral character
Brook (English): From the running stream
Kylie (English): Feminine form of Kyle, meaning “from the narrow channel”
Lillian (Latin): Resembling the lily


February Baby Name Acronym

Sure, picking a baby name is not an easy task but it can be fun if you put a little spunk into it. If you are expecting a baby in the month of February, you only have a couple of weeks to choose a baby name for your soon-to-be.

Check out this unique approach to naming your child and feel free to replace the chosen names with others beginning with the same letters. Here is a list of baby names for a February baby that you might be interested in.

Francesca (Latin): Feminine form of Francis; woman from France; one who is free
Elisa (English): Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful”
Brenden (Irish): Born into royalty; a prince
Rebecca (Hebrew): One who is bound to God; in the bible, the wife of Isaac
Urban (Latin): From the city
Avery (English): One who is a wise ruler, of the nobility
Regan (Gaelic): Born into royalty; a little ruler
Yves (French): A young archer


Valentine’s Day Inspired Baby Names

Happy belated Valentine’s Day! In honor of the lingering love in the air, here are a few sweetheart baby names that you are sure to adore for a February baby:


Chase (English): Huntsman
Daniel (Hebrew): God is my judge
Morgan (Welsh): Circling the bright sea; a sea dweller
Patrick (Latin): A nobleman; patrician


Danielle (Hebrew): Feminine form of Daniel; God is my judge
Emily (Latin): An industrious and hardworking woman
Krista (English): Form of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”
Marie (Spanish): Form of Mary, meaning “Star of the sea”


French Inspired Names for a February Baby

Within the next few weeks you will be the proud parent of a beautiful baby. Your nouvelle arrivée (new arrival) will carry on a family name and grow with the first name that you choose. If you have not done so already, consider a French inspired baby name. After all, French is the language of love and what better way to express the love that you have for your child and partner?


Clement (Latin/French): A merciful man
Hugo (German/French): A thoughtful man
Jean-Pierre (French): Combination of Jean and Pierre, meaning “God is gracious”
Lucas (English): A man from Lucania


Ancelin (French): A handmaiden
Dominique (French): Feminine form of Dominic; born on the Lord’s Day
Genevieve (French): Of the race of women; the white wave
Vivienne (Latin/French): One who is full of life; vibrant


Fairy Tale Names for a February Baby

Congratulations! You are expecting a baby within the next few months; time to pick the perfect baby name that will suit your soon-to-be just right. Inspiration for the new name can pop up anywhere—reading a century old fairy tale might be the key to discovering a beautiful and enchanting baby name.

The Baby Name Registry has developed a list of names that are present within classic fairy tales, told to young and old throughout time that might interest you for a baby born in February.


Hansel (Scandinavian): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious” -Hansel and Gretal
Peter (Greek): As solid and strong as a rock -Peter Pan/Peter Rabbit
Robin (English): Form of Robert, meaning “one who is bright with fame” -Robin Hood
Timothy (Greek): One who honors God -Tiny Tim


Alice (German): Woman of the nobility; truthful; having high moral character -Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Mary (Latin): Star of the sea/from the sea of bitterness -Mary Had a Little Lamb
Rosie (Greek): Resembling the beautiful and meaningful flower -Ring around the Rosie
Wendy (Welsh): Form of Gwendolyn, meaning “one who is fair/of the white ring” -Peter Pan



‘F’ Names for February

If you are expecting a child born in February, think of all of the exciting events that are jam packed into the shortest month of the year. Couples around the world celebrate their love for one another on February 14th with flowers, chocolates, and dinner dates while football fanatics watch their favorite teams compete for the super bowl championship on the first Sunday of the month.

If your child is born during the month of February, give them a name that will relate to the month in which they were born. February 2012 is unique and rare because it is a leap year. Here is a list of names beginning with ‘F’ that you are sure to love.


Finn (Gaelic): A fair-haired man
Felix (Latin): One who is happy and prosperous
Foster (English): A forest ranger
Francis (Latin): A man from France; one who is free


Fallon (Irish): A commanding woman
Farah (Arabic): One who is joyful; a bringer of happiness
Felicity (Latin): Feminine form of Felix; one who is lucky and successful
Francesca (Latin): Feminine form of Francis; woman from France; one who is free