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French Traditional Baby Names

Baby names often come from tradition rather than picking a name that sounds appealing. Many of us were named after family members or close friends, or have a religious meaning attached to our names. The French were once known for naming their children after saints. French children grew up carrying the moniker of historical figures of French culture. French is not only the language of love—it’s the language of tradition. Naming babies after saints has become less of a common practice, while naming children after family members takes precedent for most parents. Family names are a bit more personal, and they’re a great honor to the original holder of the name! Whether you’re looking for a family name or one that’s more saintly, here are some French names for your new baby!

Absolon – The father is peace; The father of peace
Frédéric – Peaceful ruler
Luc – Light; Illumination
Matthieu – Gift of god

Cécile – Female form of Cecil; One who is blind; Patron saint of music
Élodie – Foreign riches
Luce – Feminine form of Lucius; One who is illuminated
Margaux – Pearl


French Inspired Names for a February Baby

Within the next few weeks you will be the proud parent of a beautiful baby. Your nouvelle arrivée (new arrival) will carry on a family name and grow with the first name that you choose. If you have not done so already, consider a French inspired baby name. After all, French is the language of love and what better way to express the love that you have for your child and partner?


Clement (Latin/French): A merciful man
Hugo (German/French): A thoughtful man
Jean-Pierre (French): Combination of Jean and Pierre, meaning “God is gracious”
Lucas (English): A man from Lucania


Ancelin (French): A handmaiden
Dominique (French): Feminine form of Dominic; born on the Lord’s Day
Genevieve (French): Of the race of women; the white wave
Vivienne (Latin/French): One who is full of life; vibrant