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Friday the 13th – Names for Good Luck

Friday the 13th has a way of sneaking up on us. Even if you walk under ladders and think black cats are the cutest, an entire day rumored for bad luck is not a force to be reckoned with. Event planners, especially for weddings, report having to offer discounts to woo customers into the idea of a Friday the 13th event, though we speculate many wedding planners will still get the day off. You might not be the superstitious type, but who wouldn’t want a bit of extra good karma coming their baby’s way? Here is a list of names that will lead to a lifetime of happiness!

Maddox (Celtic): Benficient
Gil (Hebrew): Happiness
Asher (Hebrew): Filled with happiness
Hugh (German): Having a bright mind

Gwyneth (Welsh): Once who is blessed with happiness
Carol (English): A joyous song; A small strong woman
Mina (German): One who is greatly loved
Adrina (Italian): Having great happiness


Friday the 13th: Names with a Negative Connotation

Superstition has some people watching their every move today and they are not the only ones who fear the unlucky number 13. High rise hotels across the nation offer accommodations from the 1st to the 12th floor and from the 14th floor, up. As many realists point out; people on the 14th floor really know what floor they are staying on but hotels still avoid the number “13.” 

The phobia of Friday the 13th can be dated back to the 19th century and continues today. News headlines featuring spooky articles are written any time a Friday lands on the 13th day of the month. The last Friday the 13th fell on May 13th of 2011. Here are a few baby names to avoid when deciding on a name for your soon-to-be. A negative connotation may be placed on these names because of the movies they were starred in such as the unforgettable and bone chilling Hannibal Lecter and the classic horror story, The Exorcist.


Damien (Greek): One who tames or subdues others -The Omen
Freddy (German): Form of Frederick, “a peaceful ruler” -A Nightmare on Elm Street
Hannibal (Hebrew): Having the grace of Baal – Hannibal Lecter
Jason (Hebrew/Greek): God is my salvation/a healer; in mythology, the leader of the Argonauts -Friday the 13th


Carrie (Latin): Feminine form of Charles; “a joyous song; a small, strong woman” -Carrie
Helen (Greek): The shining light -The Candyman
Regan (Gaelic): Born into royalty; the little ruler -The Exorcist
Rosemary (Latin/English): The dew of the sea/resembling a bitter rose -Rosemary’s Baby