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Baby Names for Future Authors






Inspiration for baby names comes from all directions. Once you hear a name that sticks, that’s all it takes. If you enjoy reading or have an all-time favorite book, giving your baby the author’s name or a character from the story is a possibility to consider. Maybe you want to name your child after a writer with hopes he or she will follow the same path! The world is due for a new Harry Potter-esque series, after all. Just imagine your son or daughter dedicating the first novel to you! Your baby doesn’t have to be an author, but here are some names of babies who did grow up to be writers.

Joanne Rowling (French): God is gracious.
Danielle Steel (French): God has judged
Mary Higgins Clark (English): Beloved
Jhumpa Lahiri (Indian): Pet name

Stephen King (English): From the Greek Stephanos, meaning crown/wreath
Dean Koontz (English): From the valley; A church official
James Patterson (English): Supplant; Replace
Richard Russo (French): Powerful strong ruler