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Baby Names for Future Pastry Chefs


It’s National Pie Day! Not to be confused with Pi Day—that’s on March 14. This is the day you can celebrate your favorite dessert, bakery or pastry chef along with a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. Based on that description, it sounds like a lot of us celebrate Pie Day on a regular basis. Who doesn’t love flakey crusts baked to perfection, filled with your favorite ingredients? Maybe you’re more a fan of delicious crusts with cheese and sauce on top (National Pizza Day is November 12), everyday is Pizza Day. Have you tried a candy apple pie? Or mint julep cream? We almost feel bad for mentioning them, but it’s National Pie Day!

Here are some top baby names from pastry chefs and bakers known for rolling out the best pies.  

Bill Yosses (White House Pastry Chef)
Carla Hall (“The Chew”)
Emily Elsen (Four & Twenty Blackbirds, NYC)
Melissa Elsen (Four & Twenty Blackbirds, NYC)
Paula Haney (Hoosier Mama Pie, Chicago)
Phoebe Lawless (Scratch, Durham, NC)
Jaynie Buckingham (Cutie Pies, Austin)
Lindsay Doolittle (3.14 Pies, Charleston, SC)
Nancy Fulton (The Original Fried Pies, Davis, OK)
Jimmie Tweel Carder (Jim’s Steak + Spaghetti House, Huntington, WV)