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In Honor Of “Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day”

As times change over the years, concepts arise, moral values change, and people come up with even crazier concepts. With August now in full swing, let take the time to recognize a holiday that takes place this month, know as National “Sneak some Zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch day”. (Celebrated by most on the night of August 8th, 2011)
While experienced gardener’s known, the Zucchini plant has the capacity to produce more Zucchini’s than the gardener can possibly use in one season. The fruit also begins to mature on the vine faster than one can pick it, use it, or even give it away to family and friends. By the time August rolls around and gardeners around the world have had enough of this bountiful fruit, it comes time for a new plan. This holiday was invented as a plan to help unload this fruit – unto your neighbor’s porch! As no one wants to see a perfectly good food item go to waste, desperate times call for desperate measures.
As this quirky holiday meant for a laugh and simply good times, why not explain a few baby names meant for your little one with a green thumb, or simply names that are derived from Mother Nature. Who knows, maybe your child will grow up and be supplying you with enough Zucchini you know what to do with!

Brooke – (English) From the running stream
Rain – (English) Falling water
Rosalia – (Italian) Hanging Roses
Rebekah – (Hebrew) Joined, loyal
Hannah – (Hebrew) having favor and grace
Chas – (American) Manly, farmer, well loved
Dale – (English) Valley
George – (Greek) land – loving; farmer
Glen – (Irish) natural wonder
Rider – (American) An accomplished horseman