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Geek Baby Names

Geeks rejoice! Over the last few years, it has not only become acceptable to become a geek, it’s pretty much become the new normal. Geek culture is just as immersed in the media as anything else, with sci-fi movies, video games, and comic book conventions being nationally covered news events. Is it the crossover of the celebrity world and the geek world colliding? Mainstream celebs in movies like The Avengers, or mainstream movies that created A-list celebrities like Daniel Radcliffe, have taken a once “nerdy” taboo stigma off of geek culture. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite baby names that are fabulously geek chic. We hope you l0v3 them!

Legolas, Lord of the Rings
Sheldon, “The Big Bang Theory”
Jax, Mortal Kombat
Egon, Ghostbusters

Irma, Harry Potter
Cocoa, OSX programming language
Uhura, Star Trek
Judy, Revenge of the Nerds