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Gender Neutral Baby Names

Girls seem to have a lot more social freedoms than boys. Girls can wear jeans and a hat, but people are more likely to do a double take if a boy wears a dress. Girls also have been taking names that are traditionally masculine names, which is something else the boys have mostly stayed away from. There are traditional names for boys like Ashley and Leslie that have mostly been used for girls, but girls are taking over names like Maxwell, Ryan and Harley.

What do you think of this naming trend? Do you like the new baby names being given to girls?

Do you have any names to add to our list of names that work for boys and girls?

Casey (Irish): Observant; Alert; Vigorous
Skylar (English/ Danish): One who is learned; Scholar/ A fugitive
Cameron (Scottish): Having a crooked nose
Avery (English): One who is a wise ruler; Of the nobility
Reese (Welsh): Having great enthusiasm for life
Dylan (Welsh): Son of the sea
Atley (English): From the meadow
Morgan (Welsh): Circling the bright sea; A sea dweller
Regan (Gaelic): Born into royalty; The little ruler