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The California Gold Rush: Glamorous Baby Names

Europeans once imagined that the America’s were paved with roads of gold. They were probably not aware that they were partially correct until the late 1800’s when gold was first discovered within the borders of the Golden State of California. The precious metal flowed through the streams, sparkled through the brooks, and was buried throughout the riverbeds. The California Gold Rush began on January 24th, 1848, one hundred and sixty four years ago today.

In honor of our nations amazing history and the discovery of gold in California well over a century ago, here are a few glamorous baby names that denote wealth and beauty, perfect for your 2012 soon-to-be!


Kevin (Gaelic): A beloved and handsome man
Mareo (Japanese): One who is rare, unlike the others
Montgomery (English): From the wealthy man’s mountain
Otto (German): Wealthy


Arabella (Dutch): Beautiful
Daria (Greek): Wealthy
Jeslyn (American): Blessed with wealth and beauty
Odelia (Latin): Little wealthy one