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Names from Great Britain

Great Britain has the home field advantage for this year’s London Olympic Games. The British teams have taken home a total of 10 medals so far, with perhaps the most popular of the celebrations coming from the men’s gymnastics team. The Great Britain boys took home for the first Olympic gymnastics medal in an entire decade for the region. Louis Smith, Kristian Thomas, Sam Oldham, Daniel Purvis and Max Whitlock (strong, masculine names!) came a mere .7 points away from earning silver until an appeal from the Japanese team raised them from 4th place to 2nd, sending Great Britain to earn bronze. The equestrian team also got its claim to fame as members of the royal family came to support their own Zara Phillips compete in the games. Prince William, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Camrbidge were just a few of the famous family to witness Phillips earn a silver medal.

All eyes are on London for at least another week while the top athletes compete. Here are some of the most popular baby names in London and surrounding areas in case you’d like to pass on some of the Great Britain style!

Harry (English): Form of Harold, meaning “the ruler of an army”
Oliver (Latin) From the olive tree
Jack (English): Form of John, meaning “god is gracious”
Alfie (English): One who counsels the elves
Lewis (German): A famous warrior

Emily (Latin): An industrious and hardworking woman
Lily (English): Resembling the flower; One who is innocent and beautiful
Ruby (English): As precious as the red gemstone
Grace (Latin): Having god’s favori; in mythology, the Graces were the personification of beauty, charm and grace
Ava (German/Iranian): A birdlike woman/ From the water