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Would You Use a Halloween Baby Name?

Ghosts, goblins and monsters, oh my! If you’re due around the month of October, it would be difficult not to consider some of the Halloween baby names there are to choose from. Costumes, candy and movie specials have taken over—Halloween seems like more of a month long event. If the holiday celebration is one of your favorites, a unique baby name inspired by Halloween would be perfect for your soon-to-be trick or treating companion. We’ve made a list of some scary and not-so-scary names for your future babe to be!

Frank (Latin): Form of Francis, meaning “a man from France; One who is free”
Igor  (Scandinavian/ Russian): A hero/ Ing’s soldier
Casper (Persian): The keeper of the treasure
Norman (English): A man from the north
Vladimir (Slavic): A famous prince

Coraline (English): Resembling the semi-precious sea growth; From the reef
Sabrina (English): A legendary princess
Tabitha (Greek): Resembling a gazelle; Known for beauty and grace
Winifred (German/ Gaelic): Peaceful friend/ Fair; White-skinned
Sally (English): Form of Sarah, meaning “princess; lady”


Let the Halloween Celebrations Begin!

Imagine celebrating your birthday with cake, candy, and a night spent with all of your friends? A few celebrities have lucked out, sharing their birth date with one of the most long-awaited days of the year. Here is a list of a few well-known celebrities that were born on October 31st. Take notice of their names, they are as unique as some of the costumes you may see while you are out celebrating Halloween festivities.


Darryl (French): Darling man -Darryl Worley, 1964
Dermot (Irish): Unabashed; giving -Dermot Mulroney, 1963
John (Hebrew): God is gracious -John Candy, 1950
Ken (Scottish): Form of Kenneth, meaning “good looking” -Ken Wahl, 1954


Piper (English): Player of a pipe; musical -Piper Perabo, 1976
Samaire (Biblical): Place name -Samaire Armstrong, 1980
Vanessa (Greek): Flighty -Vanessa Morano, 1992
Willow (American): Free spirit; willow tree -Willow Smith, 2000



October: A Name in Itself that is Unique

The month of October is known for Halloween fun and trick-or-treating. Why settle for a same-old-same baby name for your child born during the Halloween season? Don’t let your baby blend in with the crowd, let him/her stand out from others with a unique, slightly spooky name people will only wish they thought of themselves. Here are a few names that might interest you for a baby born during the month of October.

Casper (Persian): The keeper of the treasure
Damian (Greek): One who tames or subdues others
Freddy (German): Form of Frederick, meaning “a peaceful ruler”
Zander (Slavic): Form of Alexander, meaning “helper and defender of mankind”
Blair (Scottish): From the field of battle
Regan (Gaelic): Born into royalty; the little ruler
Wednesday (American): Born on a Wednesday
Zillah (Hebrew): The shadowed one