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Class Is In Session

It’s that time of year again. Time for all of the children on your block to gather together, awaiting their big yellow taxi to take them to school. Whether this will be your first child or your third, the first day of school is an exciting and hectic time for any parent. Choosing a name for your soon-to-be can also be a strenuous process. Here are a few names that test the boundaries of the norm and although beautiful and unique, you may want to avoid them because of how difficult they are to pronounce.


Iago (Spanish): Feisty villian

Jovan (Slavic): Gifted

Raoul (Spanish): Form of Raul: advisor to all

Slavek (Polish): Smart; glorious



Falesyia (Hispanic): Exotic

Gisbella (American): Lovely girl

Mika (Hebrew): Wise and pious

Sadie (Hebrew): Charmer; princess