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Horoscope Baby Names – Feb. 4 Edition, Aquarius

Happy February! Already one month into 2013—this year is flying. This week could test your personal values. As an Aquarius, you’re kind and understanding, but don’t let that be mistaken for someone who can be easily taken advantage of. You might encounter some strong opposing beliefs and opinions at the beginning of the week. Try to keep a cool head and let the conflict bounce off of you; there’s no need to take in that negative energy. You’ll feel accomplished for standing your ground, and it will get you noticed by someone special, too.

Here are this week’s unique names for future Aquarius babies!

George (Greek): One who works the earth; A farmer
Gordon (Gaelic): From the great hill; A hero
Aziz (Arabic): The all-powerful
Xander (Greek): Form of Alexander, meaning “helper and defender of mankind” 

London (English): From the capital of England
Charmaine (English): Charming and delightful woman
Neena (Hindi): A woman who has beautiful eyes
Vaughn (English): The little beloved one


Horoscope Baby Names – Aquarius, Jan. 28

How did January fly by? That seems to be everyone’s question this week as we realize the month is coming to a close. Did you make the most of it? If you’re feeling like you could have done a bit more, spend some time this week devoting your attention where it’s needed most. Make a plan and stick with it—you’ll be happy you did. Don’t try to achieve the impossible. Start the week off with a few steps towards completing your goal, and work at it as the week progresses. Make it a habit you can keep! By the end of the week you’ll be seeing positive results and feeling plenty of satisfaction. 

Santiago (Spanish): Refers to Saint James
Shea (Gaelic): An admirable man; From the fairy fortress
Ezra (Hebrew): A helper
Dominic (Latin): A lord 

Risa (Latin): One who laughs often
April (English): Opening buds of spring; One who is born in April
Corina (Latin): A spear-wielding woman
Azalea (Latin): Of the dry earth; Resembling the flower


Horoscope Baby Names – Aquarius, Jan. 21

Welcome to the first week of Aquarius! How many other late January/most of February babies do you know? Aquarius seems to be one of the rarer zodiac signs, but your uniqueness hasn’t stopped you from hitting this early year slump that seems to be affecting everyone. You’ll have your own way of climbing to the top, though, and it won’t go unnoticed. Don’t let yourself get caught up in the highs and lows and your personality will persevere.

Here are this week’s top unique baby names for future Aquarius kids!

Aisley (English): From the ash-tree meadow
Spencer (English): One who dispenses provisions
Emmett (German): A universal man
Zane (English): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”

Laelia (Latin): Feminine form of Laelius; Resembling the orchid
Zara (Hebrew/ Arabic): Form of Sarah, meaning “princess lady” /dawn
Sawyer (English): A woodcutter
Vivian (Latin): One who is full of life; Vibrant


Horoscope Baby Names – Capricorn, Jan. 14

How are we already halfway through January? This is the last final week for Capricorn, with the zodiac ending after Jan. 19. This week’s horoscope seems just as rushed—there is some uncertainty ahead. With new plans, new goals and growing responsibilities, keeping track of the juggling act will be your main concern this week. Stay positive and only bite off as much as you can chew. You’ll impress yourself with how well you’re doing, and the people around you will take notice, too. Toward the end of the week you’ll probably have had enough—who can blame you for wanting a little bit of R and R?

Here are these week’s top baby names born under the Capricorn zodiac!

Shane (English): Form of John, meaning “god is gracious”
Desmond (Gaelic): A man from South Munster
Rigby (English): From the valley of the ruler
Asher (Hebrew): Filled with happiness 

Lilian (Latin): Resembling the lily
Ima (German): Form of Emma, meaning “one who is complete; universal woman”
Ursula (Greel): Resembling a little bear
Demi (Greek): A petite woman; Half



Horoscope Baby Names – Capricorn, Jan. 7

Happy first Monday of the year! This is our first full week for the Capricorn zodiac—and it’s starting out with a bang. Last week was all about setting goals, resolutions and catching up with friends and family to wrap up the holiday season. Now you can really focus on what you want to do, and more importantly, how realistic your goals will be. Stay focused and driven, even while friends and family weigh in with positive and negative comments.

Babies born under the Capricorn side have impeccable strength, endurance, and an entire year to look forward to with a fresh, new outlook.

Here are our top recommendations for Capricorn babies this week!

Thomas (Aramic): One of twins
Parker (English): The keeper of the park
Sohan (Indian): A handsome man
Baldwin (German): A brave friend

Linden (English): From the hill of lime trees
Zara (Hebrew/ Arabic) Form of Sarah, meaning “prince lady”. Day’s awakening; Dawn
Kalliope (Greek): Having a beautiful voice; In mythology, the muse of epic poetry
Malia (Hawaiian): Form of Mary, meaning “star of the sea/ from the sea of bitterness”
Annabel (Italian): Graceful and beautiful woman


Weekly Baby Horoscope – Dec. 17 Edition

Sagittarius babies have a busy sign! Starting and ending amidst the holiday season—there is a lot to get done. Good thing Sagittariuses know how to buckle down! This is the final week of the sign that ends on Friday. Expect your brain to be buzzing a bit more than usual this week as the holidays and end of the year get closer and closer. Don’t hesitate to think things through and talk out all of your options, but don’t let it bog you down! Second guessing yourself will have you right back where you started. Who doesn’t love being around all of that positive, productive energy?

Paul (Latin): A small or humble man
Farrell (Irish): A courageous man
Nolan (Gaelic): A famous and noble man; A champion of the people
Taylor (English): One who alters garments

Mariposa (Spanish): Resembling a butterfly
Parry (Welsh): Daughter of Harry
Vivian (Latin): One who is full of life; Vibrant
Shamara (Arabic): Woman who is ready for battle


Weekly Baby Horoscope – Dec. 10 Edition

Sagittarius has been a busy sign lately. If you’ve been feeling run down and like the world is catching up to you—you’re not alone. Ease into this week with a clear head, and don’t be afraid to take a more casual approach. You’ll still do what you need to get done, but it doesn’t need to happen right away. Let someone else help out more than you usually would. Whether you’re learning from a co-worker, child or baby on the way—taking a few days to observe rather than take charge will go a long way. You’ve got a new year coming up to get ready for!

Here are our top baby name picks for future Sagittarius kids on the way!

Deacon (Greek): The dusty one; A servant
Chad (English): One who is warlike
Leonard (German): Having the strength of a lion
Morgan (Welsh): Circling the bright sea; A sea dweller

Danica (Slavic): Of the morning star
Jazmin (Persian): Resembling the climbing plant with fragrant flowers
Audrey (English): Woman with noble strength
Lucy (Latin): Feminine form of Lucius; One who is illuminated


Weekly Baby Horoscope – Dec. 3 Edition

December babies! You’re right on the brink of diving in to the winter holiday swing of things, but holding back ever slightly. As you’re getting ready for the upcoming weeks, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make about family and friends. Will you contact the person you haven’t spoken to in years? It will go off without a hitch! You’ll also hear from friends and family that you didn’t expect to hear from this year, and it might put you in an awkward position. Keep your head clear and your mind focused, and everything will work out the way it should. By the end of the week, you’ll be living carefree!

Edward (English): A wealthy protector
Lorenzo (Spanish): From the place of laurel trees
Neese (Celtic): Our choice
Brookson (English): The son of Brooks

Heart (American): One who is romantic
Carrington (English): A beautiful woman; A woman of Carrington
Gloria (Latin): A renowned and highly praised woman
Emsley (English): A gift from god


Weekly Baby Horoscope – Nov. 26 Edition

Sagittarius—no one is blaming you for a slow start this week. After the holiday weekend with friends and family, getting back into the swing of your routine is slow going. Try to tackle it like you would any other day, and you’ll feel much better when you look back on the work you’ve done. Keep moving throughout the week and it will go by quicker than you expected. The weekend is only a few days away! Babies born this week are coming into the world ready and waiting—there is no time to hesitate. Stay moving and stay positive!

We’ve picked out our favorite baby names that sound perfect for getting things done!

Stephen (Greek): Crowned with garland
Derrick (English): The ruler of the tribe
Nathaniel (Hebrew): A gift from god
Andrew (Greek): Manly; Warrior

Alison (German): Woman of the nobility; Truthful; Having high moral character
Helen (Greek): The shining light; In mythology, Helen was the most beautiful woman in the world
Kate (Greek): Form of Catherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”
Angela (Greek): A heavenly messenger; An angel


Weekly Baby Horoscope – Nov. 19 Edition

We’re starting this week off in Sagittarius style! Scorpio still officially reigns until 11/21, but Sagittarius takes over for most of the week. Jumping straight to the archer sign fits perfectly with this week’s forecast—seizing an opportunity as soon as you can. Even if it seems out of your realm, find a way to tackle something positive piece by piece! You’ll be feeling great and invigorated as the week comes to an end, and everyday activities all of a sudden won’t seem so mundane. Keep the positive energy flowing through the weekend even if you feel like slacking off a bit—you’ll feel better about yourself on Monday if you do!

Sagittarius babies are usually the life of a party—or wherever the stroller takes you. Sagittarius babies are fun, good-natured people. Here are our top baby name picks for babies born this week!

Philip (Greek): One who loves horses
Dru (Welsh): One who is wise
Ron (English): Form of Ronald, meaning “the king’s advisor”
Griffin (Latin): Having a hooked nose

Hannah (Hebrew): Having favor and grace; In the bible, mother of Samuel
Phoebe (Greek): A bright, shining woman; In mythology, another name for the goddess of the moon
Jazmin (Persian): Resembling the climbing plant with fragrant flowers
Laney (English): Path; Roadway