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How to Choose a Baby Name

“Do you have any names in mind?” is usually one of the first questions friends and family have after being told a baby is on the way. Second only to being congratulated and asked whether you know if the baby is a boy or a girl, of course. If you don’t already have names chosen, the name-game comes into play. Should it be a family name, heritage name or one that sounds the best with your last name? Do you have to decide on the name with your partner? Parents find a lot of creative ways to settle down on a name for their baby. Both parents can make suggestions while using a “veto  or accept” method. If you’re having more than one baby, parents can take turns deciding on a first name while letting the other parent choose the second name.

If it’s been ten months and your baby is still referred to as “Baby Girl Smith,” there’s always the “pick names out of a hat” route! We hope you have fun going through the possibilities of baby names, and here are a few suggestions to add to your list.

Dustin (English/German): From the dusty area/ a courageous warrior
Preston (English): From the priest’s town
Anderson (English): The son of Andrew
Graham (English): From the graveled area; From the gray home

Isadora (Greek): A gift from the goddess Isis
Aubrey (English): One who rules with elf-wisdom
Daly (Irish): Of the assembly
Edie (English): The spoils of war; One who is Joyous; A treasure