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Powerful Names That Will Blow You Away

It isn’t every day that a hurricane makes its way to the northeastern part of the United States. Hurricane Irene made an impact this past weekend, for sure. Have you ever wondered how hurricanes were named in the first place? Prior to 1950, storms were not named at all. It wasn’t until 1979 that a storm would take on a female or male name. Hurricane season accounts for a good portion of the year, from June 1st through November 30th, the storms are named years in advance, starting the alphabet over each and every year.

If you have a passion for Mother Nature, maybe you will take an interest in these names. It might not be a bad idea to name your child after one of the most powerful forces in the world.


Andrew (Greek): Manly; a warrior- August 24-26, 1992

Charley (English/German): One who is manly and strong- August 13, 2004

Floyd (Welsh): A gray-haired man- September 16, 1999

Ivan (Slavic): Form of John, meaning “God is gracious”- September 13-16, 2004


Audrey (English): Woman with noble strength- June 27, 1957

Diane (Latin): Of the divine; in mythology, goddess of the moon and the hunt- August 17, 1955

Isabel (Spanish): Form of Elizabeth, meaning “my God is bountiful”- September 18, 2003

Katrina (Greek): Form of Catherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal”- August 29, 2005