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Baby Name Initials

L is for the way you look at me, and B is for baby! You may not have met your son or daughter yet, but it’s safe to say you’ll be in another world when you finally get to lock eyes. How important are your baby’s initials to you? They’ll be used in your child’s signature for years to come, and can even end up in magazines or newspaper headlines. Not to add any extra pressure, of course.

Some children choose to go by their initials as a shortened version of their name, while others set their initials aside for life. Does everyone in your family share a common letter? You can also combine the initials from the first, middle and last name to make a nickname, such as Meg for Mary Elizabeth G. This is a great method for parents trying to honor multiple family members with one name, or for parents having a difficult time settling on the right choice.

Avoiding sets of initials that spell out an unfavorable word is easy to remember, but using initials to make a unique name is something to consider when it comes to naming your own baby.

Here are our top baby name picks, perfect for first or middle names.

Tino (Italian): A man of small stature
Matheson (English): The son of Matthew
Oliver (Latin): From the olive tree
Vogel (Dutch): Resembling a bird

Nadia (Slavic): One who is full of hope
Ziva (Hebrew): One who is bright; Radiant; Splendor
Taylor (English): Cutter of cloth; One who alters garments
Lalia (Greek): One who is well-spoken