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Hello, My Middle Name Is…








Growing up, it seemed like middle names were chosen out of practicality. Whether it was religion, family tradition or the agreement to let each parent choose one name, classmates with middle names outnumbered those without, but there were always a few. Maybe some kids were too embarrassed to share their middle name and opted to go the “I don’t have one” route. For all of the middle-named Maurices, Mildreds and Eugenes, it seems the days of fretting about eccentric middle names are over.

It might seem detrimental for a couple of years, but having a middle name of “Barnaby” is now just as acceptable as “Drew.” Whether you’re trying to decide between an interesting or classic name, new parents can’t go wrong with either choice.

Here are some middle names no one should be embarrassed about!

Tobias (Hebrew): The lord is good
Vance (English): From the marshland
Braxton (English): From Brock’s town
Julius (Greek): The child of Jove; one who is youthful

Macy (French): One who wields a weapon
Harper (English): One who plays or makes harps
Lucia (Polish): Lady of the light
Zoe (Greek): A life-giving woman; Alive