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Halfway to St. Patty’s Day

Come one, come all. It’s around that time of year again. Halfway to St. Patrick’s Day is among us and the festivities are beginning to arise across the nation. If you are an expectant parent, pregnancy is right around the corner, too! March will come before you know it and you will likely be holding your new baby in your arms as you celebrate your Irish heritage. If you are of Irish decent, here are a few names that might interest you.


Connor (Gaelic): A wolf-lover

Quinn (Gaelic): One who provides counsel; an intelligent man

Shea (Gaelic): An admirable man/from the fairy fortress

Teagan (Gaelic): A handsome man


Briana (Irish): Feminine form of Brian; from the high hill; one who ascends

Kelly (Irish): A lively and bright-headed woman

Muriel (Irish) Of the shining sea

Shannon (Gaelic): Having ancient wisdom; river name