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Italian Baby Names

Happy Name Day to you! Did you know that many European and Latin American countries celebrate name days, which are similar to a second birthday? The custom is to celebrate on the day of the year associated with one’s given name. Italians call name day “Onomastico,” and it’s custom to receive a small gift from friends and family on that day. Italian children are usually named after saints, such as the patron saint of their hometown, or one their parents feel strongly connected to, and each saint has a celebrated “feast day” celebrated throughout the year.

Art, restaurants and two birthdays a year? What’s not to love?

Bassilio, January 2 – Of the royal family; A kingly man
Adriano, March 5 – From the Adtiatic
Federico, July 18 – Peaceful ruler
Sergio, September 9 – An attendant, servant

Sofia, September 18 – Having great wisdom and foresight
Francesca, September 22 – One who is free
Maura, February 13 – Dark skinned
Angela, May 31 – A heavenly messenger; An angel


Italian Baby Names

Deciding on a baby name becomes a much more real situation when you’re pregnant. It’s easy to hear a name and say that’s what you would call your baby, but committing to the name is a different story. While the common trend right now is giving children unique or eccentric names, many parents are still opting to go the route of honoring family or heritage. Maybe a familial name is the name you’ve always planned to give your child! Whether you’re still exploring your options or you’ve had your heart set on using an Italian name, here is our list of names to consider for your little Italy.


Matteo – Gift of god
Lucca – Light
Nicoli – Victorious; Conqueror of the people

Aria – Melody
Isabella – Consecrated to god
Vittoria – Italian version of Victoria