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Celebrities Born in December

Tis’ the season to be Jolly! If you or someone you know is expecting a child within the remainder of the 2011 holiday season, consider this list of names derived from famous celebrities born in the month of December.

(One of our favorites…Jake Gyllenhaal!! *sigh*)
Jake (Hebrew): Raised up -Jake Gyllenhaal; December 19, 1980

Now for the rest of the names…


Andy (Greek): Man; warrior -Andy Dick; December 21, 1965
Kenneth (Gaelic): Born of fire -Kenneth Branagh; December 10, 1960
Kurt (English): Courteous -Kurt Angle; December 9, 1968


Amy (French): Loved- Amy Lee; December 13, 1981
Barbara (Greek): Foreign; Strange- Barbara Mandrell; December 25, 1948
Carla (German): Man- Carla Bruni; December 23, 1967
Vanessa (Greek): -Vanessa Zima; December 17, 1986