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January Famous Birthdays: January 27th

It’s time again to announce the famous birthdays that have occurred on this day in years past. Every month, the Baby Name Registry would like to shed light on those who are celebrating a birthday. Whether they are turning 1, 10, or 100, these famous people might inspire the name that you choose for your soon-to-be. Here are a few names that might interest you of those celebrating a birthday today on Friday, January 27th.


Lewis (German): A famous warrior: Lewis Carroll- 1832
Mikhail (Hebrew): Who is like God? Mikhail Baryshnikov- 1948
Patton (English): From the town of warriors: Patton Oswalt- 1969
Troy (Gaelic): Son of a foot soldier: Troy Donahue- 1936


Bridget (Irish): A strong and protective woman; in mythology, goddess of fire, wisdom, and poetry: Bridget Fonda- 1964
Donna (Italian): A titled woman; feminine form of Donald; ruler of the world: Donna Reed- 1921
Jennifer (Welsh): One who is fair; a beautiful girl: Jennifer LB Leese- 1970
Karen (Greek): Form of Katherine, meaning “one who is pure; virginal” Karen Velez- 1961


J-A-N-U-A-R-Y Baby Names

The month of January in itself could be a beautiful name for your soon-to-be baby girl but a few select names that form the word “January” have the same stunning effect. Check out this list of names that forms the acronym “January.”

J: Jacqueline (French): Feminine form of Jacques; the supplanter
A: Arabella (Latin): An answered prayer; beautiful alter
N: Nolan (Gaelic): A famous and noble man; a champion of the people
U: Uma (Hindi): Mother; in mythology, the goddess of beauty and sunlight
A: Aaron (Hebrew): One who is exalted; from the mountain of strength
R: Russell (French): A little red-haired boy
Y: Yareli (American): The lord is my light


“J” Names for January

The New Year is finally here. If you are expecting a child in the year 2012, consider a new age, unique name that is sure to start a new trend. The New Year is all about starting fresh. Here is a list of names that are not overplayed, start with “J” and are funky yet fantastic. Check back with the Baby Name Registry daily for new approaches to choosing a name for your soon-to-be.


Jace (Hebrew): God is my salvation
Jameson (English): The son of James
Jersey (English): From a section of England; one who is calm
Justice (English): One who upholds moral rightness and fairness


Jae (English): Feminine form of Jay; resembling a jaybird.
Jalen (American): One who is calm; a healer
Janvier (French): Born during the month of January
Jolene (English): Feminine form of Joseph; God will add