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Leap Year Baby Names

What a unique time for a baby to be born! If you are expecting a child within the next few weeks, consider an uncommon name to coincide with the rarity of a leap year occurring. While today might seem like any typical day, February 29th only occurs every 4 years so take today to catch up on missed sleep, your favorite film, or share the extra day with someone whom you really admire.

In honor of leap year 2012, here are very unique, yet very rare names for your soon-to-be.


Carson (Scottish): The son of a marsh dweller
Dallas (Scottish): From the dales; from the city in Texas
Micah (Hebrew): Form of Michael, meaning “Who is like God?”
Tristan (Celtic): A sorrowful man; a knight at the round table


Danika (Slavic): Of the morning star
India (English): From the river; a woman from India
Mila (Slavic): One who is industrious and hardworking
Sienna (Italian): Woman with reddish-brown hair