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Leo Weekly Horoscope – August 6 Edition

Are these horoscopes made for anyone who isn’t expecting a baby? This week’s Leo daily overview is practically spot-on! “…So it’s no big surprise when your positive energy opens you up to a fairly big change on Monday. One person in particular is quite influential and you should keep them in your life for sure.” There were no horoscope interpretation classes in college, but how could this not relate to a baby being born? The post goes on to say that you might find a work situation to be difficult during the middle of the week (breastfeeding and diaper changes, anyone?), but it will work itself out once you stop stressing about it. Leos should surround themselves with friends and family this weekend—try being a newborn baby and keeping the guests away! Looks like another great week for new babies born under Leo. It does mention Monday being a big day, though, so we should probably get right to the names!

Thomas (Aramaic): One of twins
Eugene (Greek): A wellborn man
Justin (Latin): One who is just and upright
Nathan (Hebrew): Form of Nathaniel, meaning “a gift from god”

Julia (Latin): One who is youthful; daughter of the sky
Carla (Latin): Feminine form of Carl; A free woman
Ellen (English): Form of Helen, meaning “the shining light”
Harper (English): One who plays or makes harps


Leo Weekly Horoscope – July 30 Edition

You can’t predict the future, but with ultrasounds and contractions, you can come really close! Horoscopes have a way of making predictions, too, albeit with moderately less physical discomfort. This week’s update for babies born under Leo ends with, “The weekend brings several new ideas your way, and you should try to pick one and run with it for the foreseeable future.” Perfect advice for selecting a baby name, don’t you think? It seems that all of the action will be happening later in the week. The overview mentions listening to those who approach you on Thursday and Friday, and to consider everything before making any decisions. You can give new names some thought, or you can decide the name you’ve had in mind is what you’re sticking with. The future is open to interpretation!

Here are some baby Leo names if you’re still in the decision making phase.

Wyatt (English): Guide; Wide; Wood
Travis (English): Crossing; Crossroads; Toll gate
Tucker (English): One who makes garments
Dominic (Latin): A lord

Sydney (English): Of the wide meadow
Hazel (English): From the hazel tree
Erica (Latin): Resembling heather
Kalyn (English): Keeper of the keys; Pure