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In honor of MLK day!

January 16th is celebrated worldwide in recognition of the many strong willed people who dreamt of a better day—a day where people could coexist together without segregation. Martin Luther King Jr., born in 1929 was a clergyman, SCLC co-founder, and civil rights activist who had a dream that one day, the people of the world would live as one, without racism, segregation or hate for one another. In honor of those who stood alone to fight for what they believed to make the world a more peaceful place, here is a list of names to consider for your soon-to-be:

Abraham (Hebrew): Father of a multitude of nations – Abraham Lincoln
Claude (Latin): Lame – Claude Black
Jesse (Hebrew): The Lord exists – Jesse Jackson
Malcolm (Scottish/Gaelic): Devotee of Saint Columba – Malcolm X

Ida (Greek): Hard-working – Ida B. Wells
Lola (Spanish): Form of Dolores, meaning “sorrows” – Lola Hendrix
Rosa (Latin): Rose – Rosa Parks
Susan (Hebrew): Shortened form of Susannah, meaning “a woman of courage” – Susan B. Anthony