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2012 Trends: Perfectly Girly and Masculine Names

What do you get when you add an extra dose of femininity to the perfect sweetheart names? The top trendy baby girl names of 2012, of course! In addition to the baby name trends posted yesterday, here are a couple more foreseen trends that are sure to kick off the start of the New Year. From extremely girly to the new boys on the block, this list of names is sure to be anything but boring:

Feminine Names: 2012 Trend

Amelia (German): One who is industrious and hardworking
Charlotte (French): Little woman
Emma (German): One who is complete; a universal woman
Grace (Latin): Having God’s favor; in mythology, the Graces were the personification of beauty, charm, and grace
Olivia (Latin): Feminine form of Oliver; of the olive tree; one who is peaceful

New Boys on the Block: 2012 Trend

Aiden (Irish): A fiery young man
Alexander (Greek): Helper and defender of mankind
Benjamin (Hebrew): Son of the south; son of the right hand
Connor (Gaelic): A wolf-lover
Gavin (Welsh): A little white falcon
Nicholas (Greek): Of the victorious people
Owen (Welsh/Gaelic): Form of Eugene, meaning “a wellborn man/a youthful man”
Rory (Gaelic): A red-haired man