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Baby Names Inspired by 9/11 Heroes

Fire fighters, police officers, ambulance workers and priests were among the bravest of brave who ran towards a burning building that seemingly an entire city was aching to escape. Each year, we remember the heroes of 9/11 who put their own lives aside to rescue those who were trapped in the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. They fought to save the lives of mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters.

Memorials dedicated to the fallen rescuers and workers list the names of family members lost, but never forgotten. Naming your baby after one of the lost ensures that no hero will ever go unsung. Here is a list of fallen firefighters, police officers, businessmen and women, Pentagon employees and travelers aboard Flight 93 who are just a fraction of the names that will never be forgotten.

Christian Adams, Flight 93, Export Director
Nicole Miller, Flight 93, College Student
Marion Britton, Flight 93, Regional Director, U.S. Census Bureau
Jason Dahl, Flight 93, United Airlines Pilot
LeRoy Homer, Jr., Flight 93, United Airlines Pilot
Bernard Brown II, Flight 77, Sixth Grade Student
Stanley Hall, Flight 77, Veteran of Korean War
Leonard Taylor, Flight 77, Technical Group Manager
Karen Kincaid, Flight 77, Communications Lawyer
William Caswell, Flight 77, Physicist
Allen Boyle, Pentagon Employee and Father
Carrie R. Blagburn, Pentagon, Budget Analyst for the Army
Rosa Maria Chapa, Pentagon, Senior Management Officer in Office of the Deputy Comptroller for Force Structure and Management
CAPT Gerald F. DeConto, USN, Pentagon, Decorated Naval Officer
Deborah A. Ramsaur, Pentagon, Secretary for Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
Arthur Barry, Firefighter, Ladder 15
Cpt. Daniel Brethel, Firefighter, Ladder 24
Thomas Butler, Firefighter, Squad 1
Steven Coakley, Firefighter, Engine 217
B.C. Dennis Cross, Firefighter, Battalion 57